Girlfriend Pulls Emergency Brake So Boyfriend Doesn’t Race Motorcycle


Car crashes after a ‘woman pulls the hand break on a car her boyfriend while racing down a Mexican highway’ in dramatic video A video posted to Live Leaks show the dramatic moment a car flips While racing with two bikers down a Mexican highway the wheels stop It is believed a passenger in the car pulled the hand break while speeding The car then flips out of control into a guard rail and back on the highway It is unclear in the video if the car’s passengers were injured in the crash A video posted to Live Leaks shows just how dangerous street racing can really be. In the 35 second clip titled ‘Girlfriend Pulls Hand Break While Boyfriend Is Racing’ two bikers – one in front and one filming – can be seen ripping past cars down a road in what is believed to be Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico. As the biker filming drives, a blue sedan to his left can be seen trying to keep up.