Hayabusa Girl Lexi Trolls Hellcat at 120 MPH, Won’t Reveal Her Mods


Earlier this month, we came across a little video showing a girl on a Hayabusa trolling a Hellcat. To be more precise, the rider passed the blown Charger at over 120 mph, just as the Mopar machine was testing its new K&N air filter. Nevertheless, while the way in which the Busa walked the Hellcat made it obvious that the bike had been modded, the video made it seem like the girl wouldn’t reveal the custom bits on her bike. So we left things there.

However, the guys inside the Hellcat, who just happen to be behind one of the most drag racing-friendly channels on YouTube, have now retuned with a new clip. And, this time around, we get to dig into the details of the Suzuki’s tech massage.
To be more precise, the motor hasn’t been touched, but the thing has been gifted with full bolt-ons, with an ACE Performance race tune keeping everything in check. The gearing has been tweaked, while a quick shifter is also on the menu.
And, as far as the aero mods are concerned, the Hayabusa was lowered, while an LSR front fender was installed.
The piece of footage at the bottom of the page also allows us to find out that the biker likes to call herself Lexi. Oh, and if anybody happens to become addicted to seeing her putting the bike through its paces, this clip should get the job done.
Speaking of which, if the camera guys stick to the promise made in the description of the video, we might get to see more of Lexi’s speeding in the future: “As most of you know, we were originally “introduced” to Lexi when she unexpectedly blew the doors of our Hellcat testing. We had the pleasure of talking to her and put together these cool clips of her. More videos to come!”