Heart-stopping moment a motorhome towing a pickup truck blows a tire and overturns on Louisiana highway


The Louisiana State police have shared a heart-stopping dashcam video on their Facebook page showing the moment a recreational vehicle crashed and flipped on its side while cruising along Interstate 10 Monday.

The 20-second recording was made by Jonathan Mendel, who was driving in his 18-wheeler behind the ill-fated RV. The motorhome was towing a red Dodge pickup truck at the time of the incident.

As the State Police explained in a post that accompanied the footage, the motorhome operated by 69-year-old Royce Denmon was going westbound on I-10 in the left lane when it blew one of its tires and veered off to the left, landing on the grassy central median.

Moments later, the stricken RV crashed into the cable barriers and overturned. Denmon and a passenger walked away from the crash with minor injuries.

Mendel, who was driving behind the RV, was able to safely pull over on the side of the road and call 911.