These Heavy Duty DIY Car Ramps Are Genius!

When you need a lift for your car, but don’t have the budget for one, these DIY ramps will fill the need perfectly for a fraction of the price, plus they don’t have to be permanently installed, so you can still use all of the space in your garage or shop as needed. These aren’t exactly simple, but if you can weld, there’s no reason you and a buddy couldn’t make these over the course of a weekend. Maybe you could add a couple of wheels and make them into a trailer that you loan or even rent out around town to make a little extra cash to help offset the cost and supplement your income. While not simple, they are very effective, supporting the van in the video without issue. So go ahead and round up a buddy or two, including one that can weld if you can’t, and a few yards of angle iron and get to work! We know our community and we can already her the gears churning away inside your heads!