Here’s What Happens When You Hit a Massive Pothole

Hitting a big pothole is never fun, especially in a performance car. The initial shock followed by the worry you might have broken something is a feeling we’ve all experienced. But what actually happens to your car when you hit a massive hole in the road? Thanks to this slow-motion video, you can find out.
The Warped Perception YouTube channel thought it would be cool to demonstrate how potholes actually impact a car’s chassis and suspension upon impact. They sourced a junkyard-bound Mercedes E-Class and stripped some of the body down to give us a look at all the terrible things that happen when you slam into a big bump.
Of course, it doesn’t end well for the Mercedes. By the end of the video, the subframe is bent, and pretty much every piece of the suspension is toast. Plus, by the looks of some of those impacts, the shock towers might not be doing too well either. But, at least you got to see how your car reacts when you hit a pothole. Hopefully next time you’ll try extra-hard to avoid them.