Hot Rodded First-Gen Chevrolet Camaro Eats A Fence Leaving Cars And Coffee: Video



We all enjoy seeing fast cars doing fast car things, and sometimes those things don’t end so well. As you’ll see in the video, the owner of this first-gen Chevrolet Camaro tries to show off and lays it on just a little too thick, causing the hot rodded Camaro to mow down some fencing.

The camera guy eventually makes his way to the wreckage, and it’s a site for sore eyes. The front end is all hacked up, and it’s uglier than the most hideous looking brace-face you can imagine. To make matters worse, the Camaro is still on the road, blocking on-coming traffic. In a frantic effort to get out of the way, the owner starts the car (yes, really) and tries backing away from the wreckage – but the mangled mess follows him. With what sounds like a damaged throttle body and leaking fluids, he doesn’t make it very far.

At least no one was injured. Unlike with some Mustang burnout fails. PSA to drivers leaving car shows: nobody thinks your cool when you do a burnout.