How Drag Racing Tires Are Made


Drag racing slicks are some of the most punished tires in all of racing. They are made of a soft compound of rubber, which affords better traction, but they tend to wear out very quickly. The sidewalls of slicks are designed for straight-line performance, rather than cornering. They are also made of a soft compound, which are designed to give way to any stresses. Wrinklewalls, as they are called, will look very strange when you mash the accelerator. The power from the engine goes through the transmission and rear-end components, through the axles, and is applies to the rear tires. The slicks try to rotate but are resisted by the friction of the ground. The tire ends up spinning faster at the center of the wheel than at the outer edge near the ground, which results in the tire wrinkling around a portion of the bottom of the tire.

If you’re wondering how those special tires are made, then wonder no more! In the video below you’re shown how these tires are made, and it’s not as easy or as simple as the tires themselves appear to be!