Huge Mining Truck Loses Control, Ends Up Doing a Graceful Drift!


When it comes to drifting, the recipe is quite simple. You need a low slung car with hard suspension, decent engine at the front, power at the back and a locking differential. Looking at these ingredients you might think drifting a mining truck is quite tricky. Especially when it’s loaded up with dirt and crushes the scales at 580 tons (1.3 million lbs) like this Komatsu model here. However, you could do it if one single condition is met, one that can easily replace a couple from the definition above and that is to do it on a slippery road. So, the video here was captured by a dashcam in a car following a mining truck around the quarry on a very wet foggy day. The clip appears to be from last year, but it’s only now that it started to gain some solid views.

And as we were saying, the mud on the ground made the humongous truck loose all grip from those thick, car-sized tires and started t0 slip downhill. The driver immediately started to countersteer the mastodon and from imminent disaster the situation started to look like the world “biggest” drift.

Luckily no one got hurt and the truck finally came to a stop after doing a casual 180 degree turn.