Huge Wheelie! Daddy Dave Puts it on the Bumper and Stays in it at Light Out 8!

When it comes to Light Out 8 the amount of wheelies we see is endless, but this is the first time we have seen Daddy Dave out there tearing it up in Goliath 2.0! In this particular race Dave is going up against a Mustang in qualifying yesterday at South Georgia Motorsports Park. Dave knows how to pedal as he set the car down, let off for a split second and gets back into it.

Have you ever seen anybody lay it on the bumper lay it back down and get back in it for the win? Because Dave just did that! Luckily this wheelie didn’t turn to disaster thanks to Daves superior driving skills. The camera man was right when he said we are going to see some oil pans or some hoods.

We are glad to see Daves new Procharger setup is working for him! Check out the video below for some wild wheels up action and some beautiful procharger sounds.