If Your Car Parts Are Late, This Dramatic Truck Vs Train Smash Genuinely Might Be Why

When you’re about to cross a railway it’s good to know that it’s clear, safe and there are no trains approaching to wipe you off the face of the earth. In an extremely snowy North Salt Lake, Utah, this level crossing gave a FedEx truck driver no warning at all of the rapidly-approaching double-decker FrontRunner passenger train cutting 90 degrees across his path.

A police car was in the right place at the right time to inadvertently film the terrifying crash as the train T-bones the helpless parcel truck, rips the trailer away from the cab and sends bits of its cargo scattering like grains of sand.

Bizarrely, another huge FedEx truck had passed over the crossing in the opposite direction just a moment before, totally conning us into thinking it would be the one to get hit, until… choo, choo!

To add insult to injury, the lights and barriers on the crossing helpfully activated a full 30 seconds after the impact.

Local and national US news outlets have confirmed that no one, thankfully, was seriously hurt. If the truck had have arrived on the scene just a few seconds later, the end result would have been much worse.

Anyway, if you live in Utah and your car parts are late, now you know why.