Incredible Barn Find! Very 1st ’70 426 Plymouth Hemi Road Runner!


It is so difficult to find an old car that is still in good conditions nowadays. You have to be extremely lucky to put your hand in one of those and I guess the guy who found this 1970 426 Hemi Road Runner was over-the-moon happy the day he saw this car sitting in the barn.
This car is also known as the Pilot Car because it is the first road runner ever made. So that puts additional spice to the already magnificent car. The grabbed air hood in combination with the awesome shape and color gives an overall breath-taking look. Additionally, the interior of the car is totally original and it is believed that this beast has been sitting in the barn since the `70`s.

Nonetheless, the lucky guy who found the car needs to do just a little repair and bring back the original glow of it. After that, we can only imagine the price tag that will be put on it. However, I am sure that there are many people who don`t care about the price and they want to be the proud owners of 1970 426 Hemi Road Runner.
Check the video below and feel free to share your thought with us. We will highly appreciate that. Enjoy!