It’s a Truck, It’s a Snowcat! No, It’s a GMC Sierra HD All Mountain Snow Truck!

Deep down inside of us in the part that never grew up, I think that many of us have a soft spot for those utility based trucks that look like they can do a little bit of everything, not hesitating even for a second when we try and throw some difficult terrain in their direction as they take us over snow, mud, and rock alike as they show their muscle while carrying passengers, cargo, and whatever else you can manage to fit on board. Knowing that you have the ability to conquer whatever lies in your path is definitely a good feeling and in this one, we get to check out a vehicle that looks like you can do just that.
No matter how awesome your 4×4 is, there’s a good chance that if you throw a whole ton of snow in front of it, that it’s not going to be able to make its way through. In this situation, it might be a good idea to throw some tracks on it and let it go to town, providing much more surface area for the vehicle to sit on so that it can get traction little bit easier. While tires, no matter how aggressive they are, might dig down and spin freely in the mud, tracks are sure to put a little bit more rubber In contact with the areas that are needed to gain momentum.
If you follow along down in the video below, you’ll get an inside look at the new GMC Sierra HD. When combined with a set of tracks, the truck looks to be almost unstoppable the way that they have this one hooked up will probably, more likely than not, make this truck find a way straight into your heart. Obviously, everybody has their preference in pickup trucks but if this wasn’t your first choice, after watching a video like this, you might be just taking a second look.