Jay Leno and Tim Allen Drag Race Sleepers


While they may not be to everyone’s taste, there is something appealing about sleepers.

I mean wouldn’t you feel amazing rolling up to a Lamborghini at the traffic lights only to completely destroy it in a drag race in your Honda Accord that looks bone stock?

In the latest episode of Jay Leno’s Garage, the man himself decided to explore the world of sleepers with his good friend and famed actor Tim Allen. Appropriately, the two decided to have a drag race and the cars chosen are quite remarkable.

Initially, Leno rolls up in a 1966 Dodge Coronet outfitted with a Hemi 426 cubic-inch V8 delivering 425 hp. Allen on the other hand has a 1955 Ford Club Coupe which as it turns out, is powered by the 5.4-liter supercharged V8 out of a Ford GT.

To even things up, Leno brings out something a little more insane, a Toyota Camry that isn’t at all a Camry. It is actually a NASCAR wearing the body of a Camry and pumps out a rather ridiculous 850 hp.

So who’s going to win?