Kawasaki ZX-10R meets Dodge Challenger SRT8 670 HP on the Autobahn!

It is a special treat for all those speed junkies out there. The race between a Kawasaki and a Dodge Challenger was filmed by a YouTube user endschalldaempfer who is driving the Kawasaki, and he is a pure adrenaline junkie coming from Germany.
In his own words, he considers himself a fan of everything fast and loud, including motorcycles and cars. He chose a motorcycle as his prime riding machine because it accelerates much more quickly than a car, and owning a speed car is much more expensive.
Driving on the Autobahn, he has filmed many videos of his encounters and uploads them on his channel. This time it is a race with a Dodge Challenger SRT8 with 670hp. We hope you will enjoy it.


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