Kids Sneak Into an Abandoned NASCAR Track And Go Exploring… The Footage is Badass

I’m not exactly sure how legal some of this stuff is and we don’t want to condone anything that’s against the law, but there’s just something that’s so intriguing about exploring that which has been left behind to rot but was once teaming with business and life!
When taken along on a road trip, the first stop on the agenda is to check out a hotel after eating some lunch, heading into a structure that looks like it hasn’t seen any occupants for years upon years and this is just everything that you would expect in a hotel left for dead, destroyed in the wake of whoever was in there last and went to town with demolition, ripping the structure apart. It’s actually kind of creepy as they make their way from room to room with all of the shattered remains of what was once a functioning hotel.
From there, the guys decide that it’s time to continue on with the road trip and get to the abandoned NASCAR track that they set out to see. It’s kind of crazy how some of the structures are simply left behind and nobody has purchased them or maintained them.
It looks like they were functioning one day and the next, they decided to call it quits and simply left everything behind for nature to have its course with. It’s pretty interesting to get a look at the NASCAR track that was once probably packed with powerful racing machines and fans cheering as well as they witnessed drivers jocking for position around the turns and in the straightaways.
Check out the video down below that will take you along for a ride that gives you an inside look at some structures that have definitely seen better days. After being able to go inside of these abandoned places for yourself, be sure to tell us what you think of these explorations that really open up your eyes to just how quickly time can blow right by us.