Listen To This [email protected] 6-Rotor Make a Whopping 814hp N/A!

I love the car culture of New Zealand and Australia. They’ve managed to hold onto some of the feel of the late-1960s musclecar wars, while also embracing oddball small-displacement cars from Japan. And with all of the cars, domestic or import, they tend to tune the hell out of them. Pulse Performance Race Engineering of New Zealand is no exception. They’re Mazda rotary specialists, and their 6-rotor RX4 build has been making the rounds for a while and now they’ve strapped it to a dyno. It sounds positively evil, and it’s making 813 HP and 560 Ft pounds of torque, so for an N/A engine on pump gas that’s great! It also makes that power at 9000RPM! I love it. Keep up the insanity, guys.