Loudest Blower Whine EVER!?!? 383ci SBC ’57 Chevy Pro Mod

We don’t know what it is about the blower on this small block-powered Pro Mod, but it whines louder than a single girl on Valentine’s Day! Jason Lansdown owns this swoopy 1957 Chevy Pro Mod and the ultra high-pitched whine, which does have it’s own unique wail, caught the attention of Shawn at Urban Hillbilly, who caught this footage at Ozark Raceway Park. When asked about the whine, Lansdown offered only a smirk, leaving the world to assume what it could be. The numbers put up by the car are impressive considering the engine is only 373 cubic inches, which is over 150 cubic inches smaller than most blown Pro Mods. Besides the shrill whining, the car looks and sounds like most other Pro Mods, but that whistle is hard to ignore.

If anybody out there has any theories about why this blower in particular sounds like it does, we’d love to hear what you think!