Man charges car into deep water, immediately regrets it


If you must do something stupid, do it boldly. That must be the motto of this driver in England who decisively drove his car into some deep standing water and immediately regretted his tenacity.

Flash flooding is hitting the whole world hard right this month. From historic deluges in Texas and across the American South, to the great cities of Europe, to the coasts of Australia, drivers and residents are facing strong storms and unusually high waters. This video comes to us from the soaked city of London, where a month’s worth of rain has fallen in a day, according to The Telegraph.

The driver in this video is a 60-year-old man named Darlington Imohr. Imohr sped towards the 6-foot deep pool of water that had formed underneath a bridge in South London. The Vauxhall Zafira is not known for its aquatic abilities and almost instantly began to float away. The fire brigade saved Imohr’s life before his car could sink.

Some drivers, like Graham Price, didn’t drive into the water, but were stuck on the road and carried off by the rising water as a consequence. Price lost his Mercedes to the flooding.

“I was behind the owner of the car in front and he stalled,” Price told the Daily Mail. “The water wasn’t that deep so I waited and what started off as an annoyance quickly turned quite frightening.” Teenagers rescued Price by smashing his windows out with a brick.

Northern Ireland and Scotland have also been hit with extreme weather in the past few days, and rain continues to pummeled the United Kingdom. The best advice drivers can follow when it comes to deep water is to avoid charging into it full throttle. The US National Weather service reminded drivers earlier this week to “turn around, don’t drown,” with a video of a truck barely crossing a road before flood waters washed it away.