This Man Isn’t Waiting on Police, Chases Down Stolen Rims Himself

One of the underlying themes that you might see you when you watch the news is that, in a big way, there are a lot of people who downright suck. It might be a bleak way to look at the world around us and there are definitely are plenty of people out there doing good but, when you take a look at some peoples’ actions, you can’t help but wonder why exactly anybody would act like that. I don’t know about you but just the sheer thought of stealing somebody’s wheels off of their car is enough to make my skin crawl and hope that the thief always gets what they’ve got coming.

Now, if you were to get your wheels stolen off of your car, we aren’t necessarily saying that you going on some type of vigilante justice mission, trying to track down the people who stole the wheels for yourself and going after them. However, should the police have their hands full with all sorts of different issues that they need to tend to, in many cases, your wheels might not take precedence over some of the more extreme cases on their plate. That’s what happened when this man decided that he wasn’t waiting for the police and would chase down the stolen wheels himself before they were resold and lost forever.

After doing a little bit of detective work and finding what he thought would be his wheels, the important part to note here is that the man contacted the police again so that they could move in on the goods after he already found them. Walking into a situation like that on your own probably isn’t the greatest idea in the world but the fact that this guy was able to track down the wheels on Craigslist was pretty impressive, if we do say so ourselves. In many cases like this, the person whose property we’re talking about might end up with the short end of the stick but with this one case, it kind of gives you peace of mind to know that at least one person out there in the world of victims managed to get their own form of justice.