Man Sets New World Record With 166-Foot Semi-Truck Jump

Daredevil Gregg Godfrey jumped his semi-truck 166 feet to set a new world record and beat the previous record by more than 100 feet during the festivities at Evel Knievel Days in Butte, Montana. The old record for a semi-truck jump was a mere 62 feet. In an Instagram post, Godfrey wrote after his record-breaking jump, the daring stuntman said he only meant to jump 140 feet and thanked all of his fans for their support. Godfrey was originally going to jump his semi over Evel Knievel’s extra-long ‘Red Hauler’ truck, but organizers couldn’t fit the iconic vehicle between the two ramps, the Montana Standard

reported. In order to complete the jump  Godfrey planned to get the nine-ton truck up to 70 miles per hour, according to KXLF.

 After landing successfully, he said: ‘I hit so hard, I think I’m concussed. I don’t think I’m all there.’

The daredevil’s nephew, Tanner Godfrey, introduced his uncle to the crowd that had gathered for the event and they broke into loud cheers after the world record was shattered to pieces. About 2,000 people turned out to watch the stunts and some of them shot video. The younger Godfrey broke a world record of his own when he jumped a utility terrain vehicle 202 feet and Levi Troutman broke his own world record by running through ten burning walls.

Austin James, the organizer of Evel Knievel Days, said: ‘Three world records in one night is kind of insane.’