Mechanic Explains Why The 90s Silverados Are Great Trucks

If you want to get into a down and dirty of discussing which vehicle is the best in a certain category, well, you better roll up your sleeves and prepare yourself with all of the information that you can because no matter what the category, whether it be best off of the beaten path, most fuel-efficient while being fun to drive, or whatever other mix of factors you can think to compare with, when it comes to vehicles, there is going to be a heated debate. The most interesting things about the automotive community is that no matter what the topic of discussion, different backgrounds bring different perspectives to the table which can get pretty interesting to talk about.
This time, we follow along with a mechanic who is dead set on the 1990s Chevrolet Silverado and explaining why exactly he thinks they are great trucks when it comes to the $5000 category. While he does admit that they do have their down points, the argument here goes from the drivetrain to what you can expect to happen to the body over the years and this debate touches on all of the points as to why exactly this guy thinks that the trucks are absolutely worth the money if you’re looking to shell out somewhere in the price range of $5000.
Follow along and listen to the argument down in the video below and tell us what you think of this opinion about one of the most common trucks that you will see on the road today. When it comes to the $5000 or less range, there are surely a ton of trucks to choose from so this debate could get good. If you were looking to ball out on a budget and pick up a truck for incredibly cheap like this, what kind of wheels would you go with? Would a machine like this be something that you would find in your own driveway for that kind of a price?