This Might Be The Worlds Wildest Rolls Royce… Full Review

I was at a loss for a starting point as far what what to say first about this Rolls Royce, so I figured why not start up front? No, no at the trademark Rolls grill, but at the large intercooler mounted out in of it. If that doesn’t give you a hint as to what’s coming, just look a little farther back, where the long, expansive hood has been sliced up to make room for the pipes running from said intercooler to the carbureted engine. Bolted to the other end of the intercooler, the piping that sends the air from the turbocharger into the aforementioned intercooler and engine. All of this in the first few feet of the Rolls, but there’s ohhhh so much more in store.
Moving to the back, there’s an intake. “Intakes go on the engine, Taco!” you say? Normally, yes. But this is a totally different type of intake, this one more like what might be found on an aircraft. You see, the radiator had to be relocated to make room for the turbo setup, so where better to move it than the trunk. Of course, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out there’s no airflow in the trunk, and that’s kind of a key factor in having a radiator effectively radiate. That’s where the intake comes in.
Cut in the side of the rear fender is a large hole, but to make sure air really flows through the hole and over the fins of the radiator, there’s a large, boxy intake that scoops air from the outside and blows in down through a custom duct and over the radiator, which happens to be out of a Toyota Supra.
Beneath the radiator, a large fuel cell hangs precariously beneath the trunk, carrying enough gas to send the car a few miles down the road to the next filling station.
Believe it or not, that isn’t all the surprises awaiting our favorite Virgin, Parker Nirenstein, from the YouTube channel Vehicle Virgins. We’re not going to give away all the fun, you have to hit that play button below to watch and see for yourself what else this Rolls Royce has to throw at Parker.