“Miss Detroit” is the 100+ Year Old V12 Race Boat that will Give you a Chill

Today, we do things incredibly different that we had even a decade ago. When you go back even further, the way that we act, the devices that we use, and even the way that we build boats has drastically changed. While today might be the age of high technology, there was a day where there were a lot more simple concept in use when more mechanical devices roamed the Earth instead of electronics. Love it or hate it, it’s an age that you really can’t help but appreciate. These things are not only the building blocks for what we know and love today but they also just so happen to be incredibly cool.
This time, we happened to stumble across a race boat from 1912 that we think you’re going to love because we certainly did! The machine is powered by a Curtiss Model V-4 V-12 race engine and even all of these years later, it’s really a wonder to see that thing out on the water. When this machine fires up and chugs away, you can really tell that it’s something incredibly special as it brings back technology of a simpler era and puts it into use.

Woody Boater Blog “Legendary boat racer Gar Wood won the 1918 Gold Cup race with “Miss Detroit III” powered by a rare 1916 Curtiss V-12 aircraft engine”

Hearing the nostalgic machine fire up and getting up close and personal with all of the small details that really bring it together to make it one cohesive picture is an incredibly special experience to be had. It’s not too often that you get to be that close to that find of craftsmanship these days. All of the finishes that are brought together in this craft are really something special to be seen. After listening to this baby fire up and chug away, be sure to tell us what your take is on this old-school boat as it chugs along over 100 years later. That might’ve needed some tender loving care over the years but what you’re looking at here is, in fact, the piece of history.