Motorcycle Rider Miraculously Unharmed By Car Accident!


If you’re familiar with action movie-like motorcycle chases and how directors always call upon CGI to make it seem like the rider can push on regardless of the destruction around him, then this incident might look very familiar.

So yes, this video pretty unbelievable. The sheer amount of luck you need to escape that crash without even getting knocked off your bike is probably incalculable – though that won’t stop us from trying to make some sense of it.

First question we asked ourselves is what happened? That incoming car suddenly lost control and collided with the white SUV, causing it to flip over – all for apparently no reason. Though, if you look close, there’s a small white city car that was next to the sedan during the incident. It may have spooked the driver of the sedan or perhaps even gave him a slight nudge, we don’t know. But it’s still a better theory than assuming he just lost control for no reason.

As bad as the impact was, the motorcycle rider behind the SUV was spared. Simple as that. It looks like he passed through inches away from making contact with either car and that’s something he or she should be extremely thankful for.