Mustang Fans Will DEFINITELY Go Crazy For This Wild 1600hp Nitrous Mustang With INSANE PAINT JOB!!!

You see a car rolling down the street with some cool paint job and you would think that is the best one that you have ever seen. But wait until you see this insane paint job on this 1600HP Ford Mustang boosted with nitrous. It is so realistic that you will think that the actual creature that is painted is moving on the street. Have you ever wondered how artists make these great paint jobs on cars? We will explain to you so that you don’t look anywhere else.
For the paint job to be in 3D, the artist needs to use special made 3D colors that are very expensive. But they are worth it because the 3D paint is the best. For a painting tool they use a special air brush as they call it, it is a sprayer that is hooked up on a compressor that gives pressured air to the tool. The paint is put in a special container that keeps it mixing inside. Then the artist will start with painting and he will make his magic. It’s up to you what do you want to be painted. This Mustang is the best looking car we have ever seen.he track on a cold, 40 degree Texas Night.