The New Ford GT Hits The 1/4 Mile For The First Time!

Whenever a car first comes out, finding out about how it’s going to do on the dragstrip is all the rage. When a new performance machine is introduced to the market, everybody is chomping at the bit to see exactly how it’s going to stack up against all of the competition and how it’s going to react when people who are looking to modify it get it in their hands, throwing a little bit of extra loot into the equation to make the car possess a more potent bite. This phenomenon is especially true when it comes to the likes of the Ford GT, a model that has been incredibly sought-after to see a return.
This time, we take a ride to the quarter mile of dragstrip to seek out exactly what the GT has been up to. This model, in particular, has been obtained by the guys over at Heffner Performance so you know that after these baseline testing passes, it’s definitely going to head back to the shop to get a couple of go-fast goodies strapped on. However, for now, we focus on the task at hand of seeing just how quickly this thing is able to accelerate on prepared drag racing surface that will allow it to make the most of its performance abilities.
If you follow along with the video down below, you can ride along in the car to see exactly what it’s like to make your way down the dragstrip with one of the most sought after vehicles of this generation. As if the idea of being able to see just how fast this thing is going to go doesn’t excite you enough, the sounds of being taken along inside the cabin make it all that much better. The Ford GT is a platform that has been long awaited to see a return and, we have to say, we are most certainly not being let down by what we’re seeing out of the car.