New Truck Fails Moose test

In the “Moose Test,” a vehicle is put to the task of seeing how it will respond when reacting to a suddenly appearing obstacle. Now, obviously, the tester knows that the “obstacle” is coming but the point of the test is to see how the car reacts after immediately swerving.
As you could imagine, with trucks and other top heavy vehicles, this test could prove to be both important and difficult. Reacting to a last-second obstacle could end in a rollover for this vehicle demographic which is obviously something that you would want to avoid.
Now, a truck that has proven to be historically bad at maintaining balance in this test is the Toyota Hilux and this 2016 version of the test proves that not too much has changed.
While a variety of competitors skid through the test with flying colors, the Hilux can’t seem to want to stay firmly planted on the ground. In a real life situation, this could make things get more than just a little bit hairy! Check out the video below and tell us what you think of the result of such a test!