Nissan GTR Doing Donuts And Drifts In The Snow

Nissan GTR

Who says that the snow kills the fun of a joyride and especially doing donuts and drifting? You don’t have to own the ultimate off-road vehicle as the Aton Viking Impulse, to get on the driver seat and feel the irresistible allure and the flavor of the beautiful landscape covered with snow. For a skilled driver who really knows what he does, and also have a high level of self-control and self-esteem, the snow can be so much fun. In the following video we can see a great example of how much positive vibes and feelings, a little drive in the snow can give to the driver.

It really is a video that can inspire everyone with the Japanese rocket-sled, the vehicle that most of us adore and love so much – the Nissan GTR R35. We don’t have the specifications about this example with a glossy black paint job that comes from Europe. In this case that is not important, because we just want to see the joy and pleasure of drifting and does donuts in the snow.

Check out the video here and enjoy the following 2 minute video. Share the video with your friends.