Nitrous Backfire Blows Hoodscoop Off Mustang!


When video camera technology first came out, it was prohibitively expensive. Now just try to buy a cellphone without a built-in camera. It’s almost impossible, and now most smartphones also include video capture technology. This over-abundance of cameras has even invaded the motorsports world, where drivers and builders alike are sticking cameras everywhere they can.

We shouldn’t complain though. All of these cameras mean that those once-in-a-lifetime moments are more likely to be captured, like this video of a nitrous-powered Mustang blowing its hood scoop right off.

When nitrous is done right, it’s as safe as any other power adder…though with any engine, there ‘s always an element of uncertainty. In this case though, it was human error that led to the nitrous backfire that popped the hood scoop off. A loose distributor popped up, which shifted the timing and caused the nitrous to backfire.

But what really gave us a hoot was that this hood scoop, before fluttering in the wind for a brief second, then smacks directly into the camera. It then goes tumbling onto the track and yes, it still works after its encounter with an errant hood scoop.The team even got the Mustang back together for a best run of 5.05 at 147 mph. We’re glad there was a camera to catch the action, though it might be wise to put it in a better place next time.