Off-Duty Cop Attacks Bikers… Biker Fights Back And Kicks The Cop!

In this day and age, you never know what is going to happen out there on the roadways and more than likely, if it’s a situation as crazy as this one, there’s a good chance that somebody, somewhere, is going to have pulled out some sort of camera to film it on. With recording devices just about everywhere these days, you have to watch what you do you out there. I mean, you should be watching what you do anyway but you should also know that if you start acting like an idiot, it’s probably going to end up on the internet at some point in time.
This time, we catch up with quite the situation as it unfolds and really left our jaws dropped to the floor. After watching something like this, it really begs the question as to why people’s can’t seem to get along the road but, instead, we have quite the road rage situation brewing. It would include a couple of bikers who feel like the driver behind the wheel of this Ford F-150 did them wrong and, on the other hand, the driver of the Ford who also isn’t backing down. The plot twist thrown into the mix here is that the driver behind the wheel of the Ford also claims that he is an off-duty police officer. Whether or not that is true, we have yet to confirm.
The video below follows the situation as one of the bikers recorded from their helmet camera. This one starts out bad and honestly gets worse as the truck and the group of bikers get tangled up in a situation before ending up away from their vehicles with the man claiming to be a cop pulling out a gun and trying to arrest one member of the group of bikers. I’m not sure about you, but I would be a little bit hesitant to surrender to somebody without a uniform and a badge who also happened to be pointing a gun in my face. Check out the video for yourself and see what you can make of it all.