OMG…These Crazy Rednecks! :) WATCH This 468 Big Block Chevy Engine Start Up With Insane Exhaust!

There are some powerful and strong engines out there and the Chevy 468 big block engine is one of them. But the idea here is to unmounts this engine from the car and then put it in the small corvette. Sounds insane, doesn’t it?

But not for these two guys and they will do it because they are professionals and what they say is what they will do. They got the engine out and now it is test time. Without a test it is a risk to put it in the corvette and then try to start it up and it doesn’t work. So they hooked up the big block 468 Chevy engine to all the pipes that carry gas and air and they hooked up the battery and they are ready to try it. Talk about some high level of redneck engineering.

Out in the open holding only on the engine carrier. And guess what? It works like a charm from the first time they try it and now it is sure. This corvette will be a proud carrier of a 468 big block Chevy engine and It is for us to see if the car and it chassis can support it. Check the video bellow and enjoy it!