New Truck Fails Moose test

In the “Moose Test,” a vehicle is put to the task of seeing how it will respond when reacting to a suddenly appearing obstacle. Now, obviously, the tester knows that the “obstacle” is coming but the point of the test is to see how the car reacts after immediately swerving.
As you could imagine, with trucks and other top heavy vehicles, this test could prove to be both important and difficult. Reacting to a last-second obstacle could end in a rollover for this vehicle demographic which is obviously something that you would want to avoid.
Now, a truck that has proven to be historically bad at maintaining balance in this test is the Toyota Hilux and this 2016 version of the test proves that not too much has changed.
While a variety of competitors skid through the test with flying colors, the Hilux can’t seem to want to stay firmly planted on the ground. In a real life situation, this could make things get more than just a little bit hairy! Check out the video below and tell us what you think of the result of such a test!



An F-body blowing up a diff nothing new here. It looks like his driveshaft broke and catapulted his pinon gear right out of the car. This is why racetracks want you to have a driveshaft loop so if this happens it doesn’t come through the floor. The car looked like it was about to leave really hard and most likely pull the wheels. You also have to give him credit for pulling right over and out of the grove so he didn’t ruin the track for other drivers.

The Chevy SSR was the Retro Convertible Truck That Never Caught On

When you’re out and about on the roadways, you really see some interesting and obscure cars and, believe it or not, they might not all be creations from people who got their hands on a regular car and transform it into something off-the-wall. Sometimes, instead of being a custom machine, those wacky and obscure machines will come straight out of the box, showing that automotive manufacturers are completely capable of creating some pretty crazy designs themselves and don’t always need help from the person who ends up with the car to make it stick out like a sore thumb.
One of these machines that you might have seen before and happens to fit into that category nicely is the Chevrolet SSR. According to Doug DeMuro, the vehicle is one that really came at a time when Chevrolet couldn’t afford to experiment as their backs were against the wall financially and they were ready to go bankrupt. You would think that, at a time like this, they would be producing as many vanilla cars as they could, trying to sell the most common thing available at the lowest possible cost but instead, they decided it would be a good idea to produce a vehicle that took the liberty of combining a sports car, a pick up truck, and a convertible all into one. Perhaps they had some vision of this thing taking off and saving the brand. Not the case.
In the video below, we take a look, with a fine-tooth comb at the SSR so that you can see everything that this truck convertible has to offer. This is definitely a concept that really never caught on but whenever you see one of these things in public, you really can’t help but take a second look at it because it really seems like something that had a ton of potential. Who knows, maybe one day, these things prove to be pretty insane collectibles.


Don’t Trust That Ice! Escalade Driver Regrets Ice Fishing Trip Big Time

Ice fishing is one of those things that I think I’d rather watch over here from dry land, you know, where there’s plenty of heat and absolutely zero chance that I’m going to fall through the ice to a new dose of hypothermia that most certainly lies below. I mean, when it snows and I have to go outside and clear off my windshield, that’s plenty of cold for me so I couldn’t imagine being tied up in a situation like this one, out in the middle of a lake, when this Escalade would prove to be just a little bit too much for the surface tension provided by the ice beneath it, ice that they thought was plenty thick!
This time, we check out someone who was braver on the ice than most would be and they ended up paying the price as the driver skated across the surface of the water and ended up going down hard as the ice refused to support the weight any longer and swallowed up the Cadillac Escalade whole! At first, the truck goes down about half way up the door, levitating in place before it starts to sink in a very Titanic-esque fashion. It’s kind of hard to watch as the truck that looks to be a nice and comfortable warm ride begins to submerge itself into that frigid and icy water!

Check out the video below that shows the moment that the truck goes down like a load of bricks when the surface of the ice cracks in a worst case scenario. This most certainly isn’t how you’re going to want your ice fishing experience to end. There’s no way that they saw this one coming, but I would be willing to bet that next time, they’re going to try and avoid this at all costs, potentially by choosing a slightly lighter vehicle.


Video Show 10 RC Vehicles That You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

The world of remote control might truly blow your mind when you take a minute to look at all the ins and outs that the hobby has to offer. Not only can you spend countless hours getting involved in this hobby of building all sorts of different things but you can also take the time to appreciate some people who are part of the hobby who have taken it to another level, building some of the biggest and most insane creations that you could imagine. Seriously, though, these guys really go over the top and invest thousands upon thousands of dollars into making sure that they are among the heaviest hitters in their craft.
This time, we take a look at a list of ten different remote control contraptions that actually exist but might take a little bit of stretching of the mind for you to think about exactly how it was that they got to where they are. This list features a whole bunch of different facets of the community from a remote control helicopter that’s powered by a turbine all the way to a scaled-down jet and even a semi truck that the uploader claims would cost around $1600 for the base model of and can then rack up thousands upon thousands of dollars in accessories, modifications and simple things like paint, all to go out there and win a competition. We’re impressed!

If you follow along with the video below, you’ll be able to catch up with what are some of the most insane machines that have donned the title of “remote control.” When thinking about the investment that some people have into these contraptions, your eyes might just pop right out of your head! After checking out this list that really shows off some of the biggest attention getters when it comes to the world of remote control, be sure to tell us which of these you found to be the most impressive and if you can think of any that should be included in this compilation.


Incredible 1957 Chevy Pro mod will blow your speakers off

Talk about loud! Although we’d normally suggest turning up your speakers to listen to the sounds of a muscle car, you might need to turn them down because of the raucous nature of Jason Lansdown’s Chevy Pro. This beast of a car is the incredible 1957 Chevy Pro mod and it is tough, fast, and just plain loud.
The blower on this muscle car is massive, sitting as tall as the roofline of the car. The video shows this Chevy tearing up the strip, racing against other would be contenders. Watch as it leaves the competition in the dust as it screams down the track. The clock shows it finishing at 4.15 seconds with a speed of 169.56 for the last run in the video. That is amazingly fast.

The 1957 Chevy Pro Mod features a 383-cubic-inch engine according to Bang Shift, so it is no surprise that she is a speed machine. But why does this muscle car scream so loud? It must be top secret information because the driver and crew of this beast are tight-lipped when asked about it. It is truly a sight and sound to behold when you see this incredible beast tear up the track in some of the fastest drag racing that has ever been done.
This Chevy Pro mod deserves your viewing; check it out in the video below and SHARE if you are a fan.


Deputy smashes into a Smart car at 104 mph

As an emergency responder, sometimes, there might be situations that are incredibly important to get to. For these folks, being on the scene of the crime or emergency could mean life or death if it’s separated by just a minute and sometimes even less. It only takes a second or two for an incredibly bad situation to unfold and if the police can get there, they could potentially intervene and make things go much better. We are talking about human lives here and for these men and women, they have the opportunity to really make a difference if they are on the scene in a prompt manner.
Sometimes, in that situation, that means that officers have to go a little bit faster than the flow of traffic and sometimes the speed limit to make sure that they aren’t late for the call. However, it’s really up to the officer to balance out how fast they should be going and how important it is that they get there on time along with worrying about keeping the public safety in mind. It’s really a situation that draws the line between what’s too much and what’s not enough. I guess that situations like this really have to be judged on an individual basis and sometimes, when all of these elements get thrown into pressure cooker together, they can combine in such a way that will cause them to erupt, leaving people to question the decisions made in the heat of a moment.
In this situation, we catch up with a deputy who is speeding through traffic at what the person behind this video says is over 100 mph, as the uploader claims is stated by the police report. One would presume that the effort was to rush to a call to make sure that everything was alright, however, all of a sudden, an accident stopped the car in its tracks, tangling it up with a Smart Car that pulled out and began to accelerate into traffic.
A direct quote from the upload tells us that “Hegele (the officer) was left with minimal injuries. The man behind the wheel of the Smart Car spent weeks in the ICU, the report said. He sustained a traumatic brain injury, a broken arm, back, ribs and pelvis, according to a sheriff’s office report. The man’s spleen was removed because of the wreck, which also fractured his skull. Hegele was released on a $3,000 bond this month, according to jail records. The sheriff’s office has placed him on administrative leave”


This Nasty Blown ’69 Chevy Chevelle Cold Start Sounds Demonic!

For most of the neighborhood we are sure that this guy is “the guy with the loud car” but for the chosen few that live nearby, this guy can be the guy to admire with a badass 1969 blown Chevrolet Chevelle which produces the best music in the entire town.
As always, the first few moments the engine has been started are the best ones to appreciate the mechanical noise that it produces as we wait for all the fluids to get to their designated spots of lubrication.
And although we know that this is the necessary evil that the engine needs to go thru upon waking up, we still have to admire that beautiful noise that it creates.
For many classic car lovers, 1969 is the year that the car needs to be made in to get the most respect, and this one hits the sweet spot, so with no more delay, go ahead click on the video below, turn up the speakers and enjoy the raw sound of an American V-8.


2019 Chevrolet Silverado (first look)

When it comes to the way that trucks are built today, they’re certainly nothing like what they used to be. While, once upon a time, the genre might’ve been constructed with the only goal in mind to get work done, these days, it’s certainly nothing of the sort as they have really been put together with a nice touch, taking the concept of being completely dedicated to work and flipping it on its head, taking everything that you knew about the pickup truck and refining it until we get what we see today where trucks are outfitted with just about anything that you would expect to see in a high-end luxury car and then some.
This time, we get to take a nice close look at the 2019 Chevrolet Silverado for the first time, a truck that they think might be the best one yet. This thing might just be offered up with some of the best features that you’ll see in a pickup truck to date! This thing is pretty sharp, if you ask us. Getting a sneak peak is enough to get that excitement rustled up as it looms on the horizon, getting everyone all amped up about the imminent release of the latest and greatest pickup truck to hit the market!
If you follow along with the video below, you’ll be able to get a whole range of shots that outline exactly what the 2019 Silverado is all about. If you would classify yourself as a truck fan, I would be so inclined to say that the current day and age of trucks is definitely a good time to be alive and ready to go out there with some four-wheel-drive beneath you. After getting the full rundown on this 2019 Silverado, be sure to tell us what you think of this shining set of wheels.


LS3 Swapped Super Chevelle Hits the Streets of LA and Turns Every Head

When it comes time to talk about plopping LS power into just about anything, it’s a really controversial subject. On one hand, you have the people who wouldn’t have it any other way and on the other hand, there are those people who are perpetually complaining about how many machines have this kind of powerplant under the hood. Personally, we can see both sides of the coin and therefore are able to appreciate not only all of the vehicles that are different mashups of uncommon factors but also the tried-and-true that, when done right, can really be quite the head turner.
This time, we check out a version of that tried-and-true formula in an awesome ride as a vehicle known as “Orange Juice” brings itself to the forefront of attention, really stealing the show with a blend of styles that bring old-school muscle together with a pro-touring to give this Chevrolet Chevelle quite the amount of curb appeal. The car really does go beyond just looks, though, and when they get this thing started up to hear that exhaust note, you’ll be able to see exactly what we’re talking about as it seems that the bite is there to back up that bark. That LS3 hanging out under the hood certainly isn’t shy, that’s for sure.
Follow along in the video down below that takes you to the scene to check out this insane piece of American muscle that has a little bit more modern of a heart that its rough surface might lead on. If you’re a fan of resto-modded American muscle machines, this is definitely one that you’re going to want to get a look at. This would be the perfect car to head out in for a little bit of a cruise on a sunny day that also has a little bit of stank behind it for when you get yourself into a situation that needs some performance behind it.


1988 Dodge Ram Kills A 650hp GT-R and runs 10s!

As most of us know, even in stock form, the Nissan GT-R is a pretty killer machine. There are very few that have the courage to challenge the Japanese beast on the drag strip.
On the list of worthy competitors, we don’t think that anybody would initially toss around the idea of a 1988 Dodge Ram coming anywhere close to keeping up with the GT-R, especially not a gas powered truck.
Unfortunately for those doubting the non-Cummins Dodge truck, they’ve never seen the “Ramaro.” This beast is powered by an LS2 complimented by a PT8891 Precision turbo on 8psi and a Nitrous Outlet kit jetted for a 100 shot!
Check out the video below as this old-school ram not only keeps up with the GT-R but pulls off quite the kill as well!

Listen to the purr of Sleeper 1968 Chevy Nova 454’s engine

How about this classic Nova? RamblinAroundTV shows off the sweet sounds of a classic old school 1968 Chevrolet Nova in this awesome video. Take a look under the hood at the 5:14 mark to see the 454 Big Block V8 engine with a manual four-speed transmission.
This car has been restored with the correct white exterior color and gold interior, an SS front grille, wooden steering wheel, steel body colored rally wheels with center caps, 12 bolt rear with 3.73:1 ratio, dual exhaust with Flowmaster mufflers, lower chin spoiler and steel cowl hood. Added to the mix are under dash gauges, and power disc brakes.
The Chevrolet Nova had a long run, in production for five generations, 1962-1979, and 1985 through 1988. According to Old Ride, the 1968 model, featured in the video, received a full redesign that included an 111-inch wheelbase and a separate sub-frame housing the powertrain and front suspension that had been introduced a year prior on the Camaro. Buyers could choose from 15 powertrain setups for the coupes, and twelve for the sedans. A number of options were available, including power brakes and steering, air conditioning, rear shoulder belts, and head restraints.
A 2.51L four-cylinder engine was available between 1968 and 1970 but was eventually dropped due to low demand. The more popular option was the 4.64L V8, but you could also choose a 5.36L with four-barrel quadrajet carb and four-speed Saginaw transmission. A semi-auto transmission was offered mid-year for those who preferred clutchless driving but was only available on the four and six-cylinder models.
Check out this excellent specimen of the Chevrolet Nova in the video below, and SHARE if you like it!