LS3 Swapped Super Chevelle Hits the Streets of LA and Turns Every Head

When it comes time to talk about plopping LS power into just about anything, it’s a really controversial subject. On one hand, you have the people who wouldn’t have it any other way and on the other hand, there are those people who are perpetually complaining about how many machines have this kind of powerplant under the hood. Personally, we can see both sides of the coin and therefore are able to appreciate not only all of the vehicles that are different mashups of uncommon factors but also the tried-and-true that, when done right, can really be quite the head turner.
This time, we check out a version of that tried-and-true formula in an awesome ride as a vehicle known as “Orange Juice” brings itself to the forefront of attention, really stealing the show with a blend of styles that bring old-school muscle together with a pro-touring to give this Chevrolet Chevelle quite the amount of curb appeal. The car really does go beyond just looks, though, and when they get this thing started up to hear that exhaust note, you’ll be able to see exactly what we’re talking about as it seems that the bite is there to back up that bark. That LS3 hanging out under the hood certainly isn’t shy, that’s for sure.
Follow along in the video down below that takes you to the scene to check out this insane piece of American muscle that has a little bit more modern of a heart that its rough surface might lead on. If you’re a fan of resto-modded American muscle machines, this is definitely one that you’re going to want to get a look at. This would be the perfect car to head out in for a little bit of a cruise on a sunny day that also has a little bit of stank behind it for when you get yourself into a situation that needs some performance behind it.


1988 Dodge Ram Kills A 650hp GT-R and runs 10s!

As most of us know, even in stock form, the Nissan GT-R is a pretty killer machine. There are very few that have the courage to challenge the Japanese beast on the drag strip.
On the list of worthy competitors, we don’t think that anybody would initially toss around the idea of a 1988 Dodge Ram coming anywhere close to keeping up with the GT-R, especially not a gas powered truck.
Unfortunately for those doubting the non-Cummins Dodge truck, they’ve never seen the “Ramaro.” This beast is powered by an LS2 complimented by a PT8891 Precision turbo on 8psi and a Nitrous Outlet kit jetted for a 100 shot!
Check out the video below as this old-school ram not only keeps up with the GT-R but pulls off quite the kill as well!

Listen to the purr of Sleeper 1968 Chevy Nova 454’s engine

How about this classic Nova? RamblinAroundTV shows off the sweet sounds of a classic old school 1968 Chevrolet Nova in this awesome video. Take a look under the hood at the 5:14 mark to see the 454 Big Block V8 engine with a manual four-speed transmission.
This car has been restored with the correct white exterior color and gold interior, an SS front grille, wooden steering wheel, steel body colored rally wheels with center caps, 12 bolt rear with 3.73:1 ratio, dual exhaust with Flowmaster mufflers, lower chin spoiler and steel cowl hood. Added to the mix are under dash gauges, and power disc brakes.
The Chevrolet Nova had a long run, in production for five generations, 1962-1979, and 1985 through 1988. According to Old Ride, the 1968 model, featured in the video, received a full redesign that included an 111-inch wheelbase and a separate sub-frame housing the powertrain and front suspension that had been introduced a year prior on the Camaro. Buyers could choose from 15 powertrain setups for the coupes, and twelve for the sedans. A number of options were available, including power brakes and steering, air conditioning, rear shoulder belts, and head restraints.
A 2.51L four-cylinder engine was available between 1968 and 1970 but was eventually dropped due to low demand. The more popular option was the 4.64L V8, but you could also choose a 5.36L with four-barrel quadrajet carb and four-speed Saginaw transmission. A semi-auto transmission was offered mid-year for those who preferred clutchless driving but was only available on the four and six-cylinder models.
Check out this excellent specimen of the Chevrolet Nova in the video below, and SHARE if you like it!


Big Tire Blown Camaro CRASHES Leaving Car Show!

It always hurts to see a fellow car enthusiast’s hard work go down, but sometimes there’s nothing that you can do but watch as thousands of dollars and countless hours of work plow right into a fence.
This time, it isn’t a Ford Mustang like we’re used to (sorry Mustang guys), but rather a Chevrolet Camaro whose driver get’s a little bit too skinny pedal happy and ends up losing control.
We watch as the Camaro rolls out of the local cars and coffee, laying into the gas pedal and not letting out until it’s too late as the car fades out of our vision and plows into an immovable object.
The camera man caught up with the aftermath and we have to say that the scene isn’t a pretty one as a fairly extensive amount of damage was done. Luckily, the driver wasn’t banged up too bad, though.
Take a look at the footage captured in the video below. The owner says that he plans on having the car back together again for an event later this summer.


This girl changes a tire without arms, she’s got skills

These days on the web, lots of people arguing back and forth will provide some turmoil but amongst all of the negative, there are still some positive and inspirational stories out there. With something as seemingly simple as a video of changing a tire, we found ourselves to be completely motivated.
Now, as you could probably imagine, this isn’t just any old tire change. For YouTuber, Tisha UnArmed, she manages to head out and get to the task without arms. Even though she starts off with a handicap that would seem to completely prevent someone from carrying out this task, she won’t let this obstacle deter her in the least.
With a little bit of guidance from important people in her life, Tisha gets down to it, using the best of what she has to remove the wheel and tire from her car and replace it with another. If she can do this, then you surely can get over whatever obstacle it is that’s facing you these days.
Check out the video below that allows Tisha to show off exactly how she would go about getting such a job done. Even when the road seems to have many twists and turns, with enough determination you can do anything!


He Put a Cummins DUALLY on a Full SLICK and Sent it!

If you head out to the drag strip, you’re bound to see all sorts of different creations making their way down the track. There’s always a different twist with each time you head out and we definitely mean that because pretty much everybody brings everything down to the quarter-mile to see how it will do, whether it’s built for the racing surface or not. With that in mind, it’s not too common that you’ll see a dually make its way down the track and certainly not one like this. Generally, if that happens, it’s just somebody looking to see what their factory powered machine can do but not this time.
This time, we check out a Cummins powered Dodge Ram that is able to really scoot as it gets rid of the pair of tires in the back and uses the wide stance to the fullest extent, stuffing a big, fat slick under the rear end. This certainly isn’t like anything that we’ve ever seen before and we were kind of shocked to see it making its way up to the starting line at Maryland International Raceway, smoking the tires and getting ready to race. Honestly, we really weren’t quite sure what to expect here and the results are really enough to make you think twice about racing one of these things if it pulls up next to you at the light.
Follow along in the video below as this thing is able to smash its way into the 12-second range with ease. In the grand scheme of things, 12s might not be the fastest that you’ve ever seen hit the strip but when you consider all other factors, that’s not too bad for a truck that has to weigh a ton. After you see this thing roll down the strip for yourself, be sure to tell us what you think of the heavyweight as it manages to pack a punch in a straight line. It’s not too often that you see something like this so be sure to keep your eyes peeled because it all happens mighty quickly!


New Angle Of The Dodge Viper Crash At Cars And Coffee is Cringeworthy

You would think that this had happened enough by now for people to have learned not to do it, but for whatever reason, it just keeps happening.
At Cars And Coffee in Houston, the owner of this gorgeous red Viper was making his way out of the venue and decided to throw down on the throttle and let the monster V10 engine loose for the crowd of onlookers. While we can certainly understand the temptation to put on a show for the people watching, who definitely do their own part to try to get the drivers to show out, we can’t wrap our heads around how often these drivers lose control of their cars. Almost on cue, the tail of the Viper slides out to the left and the car spins almost 180 degrees before slamming into the curb with a sickening thud.
The crowd, all of whom thankfully were out of harms way, immediately began laughing at the driver, who was unharmed in the crash. The reaction from the spectators seems a little excessive considering what had just happened, but we also understand their response after having seen countless videos of this happening. You really can’t help but laugh at the guy, who’s almost certainly seen at least a few of these videos, becoming the star of his own clip.
As far as the car itself, the damage looks to be pretty severe. The drivers side front wheel was knocked completely off the car and the rear end was most likely knocked out of center when the rear wheel stuck the curb. It’s hard to say what else was hurt on the car, but it seems inevitable there is a good bit more damage underneath the car.
Hopefully this driver learned his lesson, and maybe some of you can take away a little knowledge from this too. We understand that desire to be the star of a viral video, but you don’t want it to be for something like this.


2018 Silverado Shows Us Why it’s the Best Yet

When it comes to the way that trucks are built today, they’re certainly nothing like what they used to be. While, once upon a time, the genre might’ve been constructed with the only goal in mind to get work done, these days, it’s certainly nothing of the sort as they have really been put together with a nice touch, taking the concept of being completely dedicated to work and flipping it on its head, taking everything that you knew about the pickup truck and refining it until we get what we see today where trucks are outfitted with just about anything that you would expect to see in a high-end luxury car and then some.
This time, thanks to the crew over at Triple-X Motorsports, we get to take a nice close look at the 2018 Chevrolet Silverado, a truck that they think might be the best one yet. Not only is this thing offered up with some of the most impressive features that we have seen in a pickup truck to date but because Peter’s Elite Auto has also taken the liberty of strapping it up with some extravagant features, it looks even better as it’s been lifted up a little bit and some Specialty Forged wheels are put on it to bring the look together. After getting a couple of glimpses of the truck, we can certainly say that’s a head turner, to say the least!
If you follow along with the video below, you’ll be able to get a whole range of shots that outline exactly what the 2018 Silverado is all about. If you would classify yourself as a truck fan, I would be so inclined to say that the current day and age of trucks is definitely a good time to be alive and ready to go out there with some four-wheel-drive beneath you. After getting the full rundown on this 2018 Silverado, be sure to tell us what you think of this shining set of wheels.


Watch A Corvette Escape The Cops In High Speed Chase

The Chevrolet Corvette is a very capable and surprisingly cheap sports car. A Stingray with 460-horsepower and a 0-60 mph time of 3.7 seconds will only set you back just over $55,000. Unfortunately, that makes it a relatively affordable high-speed getaway car for criminal activities. Recently, a suspect in a rented red Corvette led police on a high-speed chase through Florida streets and escaped custody. The Corvette comfortably outruns cops on the ground, but no matter how fast your sports car is you can never outrun a helicopter.
Video footage shows the Corvette driving erratically, running through red lights, driving on the wrong side of the road, mounting the median to overtake traffic, and knocking over cones at a construction site. According to WKMG News, the chase started after Florida’s Volusia County Sheriff’s Office made seven arrests in an undercover drug operation.
Deputies spotted the driver of the Corvette “involved in some suspicious activity” and made a traffic stop, but the driver took off at “high rates of speed” almost hitting other cars. The driver pulled into an apartment complex and bailed out and fleed on foot. Police attempted to track the suspect using the helicopter’s FLIR thermal imaging camera, but were unable to find him as he hid under some trees, successfully evading police. A stolen gun, marijuana, heroin, and money was found inside the abandoned Corvette. Another chase that erupted as part of the same drug operation had a more successful conclusion.
The police helicopter tracked a speeding car until the driver and passenger bailed out and ran on-foot. Fortunately, the chopper was able to direct officers to the driver who was trying to hide in an apartment complex.


The Owner Of This Lamborghini Goes Nuts On The Snow Covered Roads!

For most of us owning a Lamborghini is a car we spend years saving for or years dreaming about so when people like the guy in this video are snow drifting and going nuts in such a high priced beauty it is almost hurts to watch!From drifting to taking out part of a snow bank the owner of this car obviously has the cash to backup the way he is driving his Lambo! Check him out in the video below!

This Might Be The Worlds Wildest Rolls Royce… Full Review

I was at a loss for a starting point as far what what to say first about this Rolls Royce, so I figured why not start up front? No, no at the trademark Rolls grill, but at the large intercooler mounted out in of it. If that doesn’t give you a hint as to what’s coming, just look a little farther back, where the long, expansive hood has been sliced up to make room for the pipes running from said intercooler to the carbureted engine. Bolted to the other end of the intercooler, the piping that sends the air from the turbocharger into the aforementioned intercooler and engine. All of this in the first few feet of the Rolls, but there’s ohhhh so much more in store.
Moving to the back, there’s an intake. “Intakes go on the engine, Taco!” you say? Normally, yes. But this is a totally different type of intake, this one more like what might be found on an aircraft. You see, the radiator had to be relocated to make room for the turbo setup, so where better to move it than the trunk. Of course, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out there’s no airflow in the trunk, and that’s kind of a key factor in having a radiator effectively radiate. That’s where the intake comes in.
Cut in the side of the rear fender is a large hole, but to make sure air really flows through the hole and over the fins of the radiator, there’s a large, boxy intake that scoops air from the outside and blows in down through a custom duct and over the radiator, which happens to be out of a Toyota Supra.
Beneath the radiator, a large fuel cell hangs precariously beneath the trunk, carrying enough gas to send the car a few miles down the road to the next filling station.
Believe it or not, that isn’t all the surprises awaiting our favorite Virgin, Parker Nirenstein, from the YouTube channel Vehicle Virgins. We’re not going to give away all the fun, you have to hit that play button below to watch and see for yourself what else this Rolls Royce has to throw at Parker.


Ride onboard a Koenigsegg as it hits 284.55mph

Eerily, there is not much drama in this little video, released today by the good folks over at Koenigsegg. Noise, yes. Lots of it good. Thunderous. Pleasing.
Though eerie because the footage showcases the Agera RS racing up to 284.55mph in Nevada.
Remember last month when Koenigsegg claimed five speed records along a section of closed road? Yeah, this is the onboard footage of the highest speed run of the day, the Agera RS hitting 457.94kmh.
This was achieved during its north-westerly run, from the Las Vegas end of Nevada toward Pahrump. The south-easterly run clocked 271.19mph, meaning it averaged out at 277.87mph.
That of course, makes the Koenigsegg Agera RS the fastest production car in the world.
The other records you can read about here, which includes the fact that the RS smashed Bugatti’s 0-249mph-0 time (by eight seconds). In any case, the footage above would never suggest that driver Niklas Lilja was gunning for an outright top speed. More a Sunday drive.
Like we said, eerie…