Tim Allen’s 1968 Camaro 427 COPO

Tim Allen’s 1968 Camaro 427 COPO. Did you know Tim Allen is a car guy? Check out the muscly Camaro of his teenaged dreams, exquisitely upgraded with a 505 hp 427 and lots of other great stuff by Allen and Bodie Stroud. Get ready for an awesome burnout…

Lamborghini Releases First SUV, Public Doesn’t Know if they Should Hate it or Love the Urus

Lamborghini has finally joined the ranks of the competition in the recent and rather confusing trend of supercar manufacturers deciding that they want to get in on the SUV market. It’s definitely something that has managed to polarize the community and the latest release is absolutely no different as Lamborghini has recently rolled out their very own machine that’s pushing the envelope on the market and really getting us excited to see how this thing is going to perform when it gets the opportunity to make waves against the competition.

Here are the specifics:

The machine that will be known as the Lamborghini Urus will be powered by a bi-turbo Volkswagen based v8 cranking out 641 horsepower and 627 lb-ft of torque, a pretty insane number when it comes to what you normally see out of performance SUVs. Backing that up is an 8-speed transmission that will help that power get to the ground and four-wheel-steering is thrown into the mix with an air suspension just to make things more interesting. All factors considered, this thing is stacking up to pretty intense and is already making waves in the performance community.
However, as with most big releases, the court of public opinion isn’t necessarily all on the same page. In fact, we’ve stumbled upon just as many people who seem to be in lust with this thing as people who are wondering exactly what Lamborghini is thinking! By taking one look at this thing, I don’t think that it’s necessarily surprising that the SUV has garnered a love-or-hate consensus among fans. Check out the video below and, when combining it with all of the nuts and bolts backing this thing up, be sure to tell us what you think is in store for the Lambo that will let you bring the whole family along! Don’t be shocked to see this at a country club near you in the very near future!


It Took More than 9 Cops to Impound a Single Hotrod

When you’re the proud owner of a hot rod that’s pretty crazily modified, you can’t help but want to show it off. After all, all of that hard work coming together is something to be proud of, something that the car community around you would certainly love to check out and a place like Cruisin Weekend would seem like the venue to do it. However, for Brandon Good, the owner of this Chevrolet Malibu, this passion for his automobile would come crashing down hard at this year’s Cruisin’ Ocean City car show, an event that centers around the city’s convention center but also has enthusiasts spreading out throughout the entire town with countless muscle cars, imports, and just about everything else that would draw the attention of a gear head, for the entire extended weekend.
Most of the time, the major storyline is how strict the police are going to be with enforcing vehicle codes and this time most of the talk around town would be about one black Malibu whose owner would seem to really get the short end of the stick. Most of the time, police officers tend to look the other way at these kinds of infractions as long as the cars are staying within the law and not speeding around town. From my perspective of someone who has frequented the show for years, many times, they will look the other way for this weekend as they understand that the hot rod enthusiasts that come to town really provide a major hike for business. It has even been publicly stated that Wawa, one of the weekend’s hot spot in this major summer vacation destination, has managed to scribble some record weekends in the books thanks to the show and its supporters.
This time, however, the police would come out with a vengeance, apparently, picking this Malibu out of the crowd and chalking up a book of citations before putting it on a tow truck and forcing the owner to go and retrieve it out of impound before stacking it on his trailer and heading home. The owner tells us that he “just got into town about two hours before that and drove across the street to Wawa to get food and hang out.”
This is when the video would start rolling as the car would be surrounded by nine officers that would escort the vehicle around the corner for inspection. When all was said and done, the Brandon tells us that the police told him that the car was “too dangerous to be there and [he] could have an equipment malfunction and run people over.. and it draws too much of a crowd.” This was followed up by being given an inspection which Brandon says isn’t even valid due to classic vehicle laws that makes cars this old exempt from inspection. The officers conducting the investigation would proceed to rip him off a stout nine tickets, anyway, said Good. He was told that if he proceeded to drive it in town again that he would be arrested.
We reached out to the Ocean City Police Department for comment and have yet to hear a response. This is definitely a story that we would love to hear your opinion on.


850HP Ford BOSS 429 Motor Goes ‘BOOM’ on the Dyno

Nobody likes watching their hard work explode in a hail of sparks and shredded metal. But watching other people’s stuff explode? Now that’s fun. The bigger the engine and the bigger the explosion, the better. Things get even better when you’re talking about 800 horsepower big-block engines where everything seems to go wrong all at once.
This video, found by Bangshift, shows a 557cui stroker motor on the engine dyno during the 7th run of the day. Then, as you might expect, something goes terribly, terribly wrong.
There isn’t much information on this video, but we do know what the catastrophic failure was. This is a Ford BOSS 429 motor, stroked out to 557 cubic inches. As you might imagine, this went along with a number of other engine improvements that pushed the engine to over 850 horsepower. This particular dyno run was the 7th of the day, and made 850 horsepower just before the explosion.
The failure of this motor was due to the stock BOSS 429 flywheel. The builder did not wait for the proper billet flywheel, and on the 7th run the flywheel exploded. The exploding flywheel went through the bellhousing (blowing ut up), cracked the engine block (ruining it), went right through the headers (destroying those), and then went through a wall and into the next room. That’s one hell of an explosion.
It looks like it may have even knocked the engine right off of the stand. While it all makes for a great 30 seconds of entertainment, we can’t help but feel a bit bad for the fellow who put all the work (and money) into this motor. Patience is the lesson of the day, kids.


Twin Turbo SRT8 300C vs THE STREETS!

This is why we love the Texas Streets so much – you see ALL SORTS of fast cars, that you wouldn’t usually see elsewhere. Like this sleeper Chrysler 300c. Packing a 404 Hemi stroker motor and twin 67mm turbos – you could say this beast is a force to be reckoned with! It had NO problem hanging with the big boys and upsetting some fast cars.

Fast N Loud former Mechanic Aaron Kaufman Reportedly Accumulated $3M Net Worth in 2017!

Perhaps one of the biggest stories this year in the automotive entertainment business is the fact that Aaron Kaufman left Gas Monkey Garage and Fast N’ Loud after building a career there. Apparently, there were just too many factors there that just didn’t align for him and the result was a parting of ways between the long time duo off Kaufman and Richard Rawlings. Now that the initial shock is over, what exactly will Kaufman be doing? We know that Gas Monkey will no longer be his lane but what has he gained from the experience and where can you expect to see Kaufman’s face surface again?
Well, we’ve learned that, with various ventures like “Arclight,” his company that’s dedicated to everything Ford F-100 and “Main Street Shop,” his custom shop that he’s been operating on his own, Kaufman has a solid footing to stand on. The estimated $3 million that he’s earned up through 2017, should also provide a nice little pad to launch him into whatever venture that he sees fit to replace the daily grind that was reality television and working at Gas Monkey.
Check out the video below that gives you, even more, insight to what Aaron has been up to and where you can expect to see him next. In addition to all that we know about the career of Aaron Kaufman, does he have something else hiding out up his sleeve? I suppose that only time will be able to tell that story. For all we know, he could just be planning something massive! Stay tuned right here on Speed Society for all of the breaking news surrounding the topic and any developments that might come about. Where do you see Aaron taking his career after Gas Monkey Garage and what do you see Richard Rawlings changing?


How Does the Tesla Roadster Hit 0-60 So Fast?

When it comes to Elon Musk and all of his toys, the guy really seems to be able to do no wrong. No matter what facet you look at, he’s pretty much overachieving in every way possible when it comes to technological advancement. Whether it be going to space or just getting around down here on Earth more efficiently, Musk has really cornered the market of transportation, showing that the future might be coming a lot more quickly than you had imagined. With the Tesla Roadster, Musk is even trying to dig his way into the performance space, taking on the combustion engine with electric on his side.
As you might have seen a couple of weeks ago, Tesla Announced the release of the Roadster which is really promising some incredible figures. With that amazing 0 to 60 time under two seconds and a quarter mile promise that clocks in with deep single-digit promises of an 8.8-second pass, the Roadster really looks to be something that could rule the roost when it comes do all sorts of different racing applications. This might be something that’s kind of scary for combustion enthusiasts but it really does offer up a new way to look at the racing community. Things could really be about to change quickly here if the promises are based in truth.
This time, the guys over at Engineering Explained take on the Tesla Roadster head on, trying to break down these claims that really seem to be pretty insane. It seems like this channel has always been pretty well reliable for taking those complicated concepts and breaking them down to a regular level for us and this time it’s more of the same as the channel really dissects this concept and explains, to us, exactly how this car is going to go as fast as Elon promised it would. Now, as of today, the Roadster is no more than a bunch of hype, so after watching this video, be sure to tell us what you think about the future of this machine and if you think it will live up to the incredibly high expectations when it finally is found rolling around the streets.


Ford Sues WWE Superstar, John Cena, For Selling His own Ford GT

After reading the details of a recent story that has WWE powerhouse, John Cena, in the spotlight, you might just so be more inclined to read the fine print the next time that you sign a contract. Sometimes, whether or not it might be something that pops up in your head, a contractual agreement can have some obscure details. This time, one of those details might just cause one of the biggest wrestlers of all time to have to have to shovel over almost half of $1 million to Ford if the company should carry out the suit and end up pinning Cena for a three count.
According to details from various news outlets, Cena was one of the lucky performance nuts to get his hands on a 2017 Ford GT, Ford’s knight in shining armor as their lone nod into the supercar market. I’m sure that the list of people who want to buy one of these things is incredibly long but Ford decided to only allow certain collectors to be able to get their hands on one. The agreement that these collectors would sign would detail that they hold onto the car for at least two years as to not try and go out there and flip the cars for profit and diminish brand value.
Via the Washington Post, the lawsuit reads that “Ford reserves these unique vehicles for only those individuals who truly desire a special ownership experience, such as car enthusiasts and collectors, those individuals who will be influencers and ambassadors of the vehicle and the Ford brand, and those individuals who truly desire to maintain ownership of the vehicle for their own use”
If you’re sitting here trying to figure out exactly what Ford could stand to gain from a lawsuit besides the $460,000 back for the car, their loss of brand ambassadorship from Cena is why they just so happen to be upset in the first place as the selection process for the GT is based around those who will be able to best help build the brand. More specifically, Ford is looking to recoup “loss of brand value, ambassador activity, and customer goodwill due to the improper sale.”
Now, I’m not sure that a lawsuit will sit well with those who are looking to get into a Ford in the future but it’s almost like they’re backed into a corner here. On one hand, they’re right to carry this out because the whole idea behind the car’s release was to get it into the hands of people who could help build the brand. They even made the process difficult to make sure it was people who really wanted the car. On the other hand, though, suing one of your customers for selling your product, no matter what the justification just looks really, really bad.


Chevy Truck Has The Nastiest Idle on the Block!

There are lots of things to appreciate about a well put together car or truck. One of the best things about the world of automotive modification is just how many things you can really appreciate in a nice build. Sure, you can take away something from the way the car locks. People spend a lot of time and effort putting their vision down into the physical world, buying parts and customizing pieces to make sure that their car or truck looks exactly the way that they planned it in their heads. Performance is another aspect that you can truly appreciate. Some might even consider this to be the most important aspect of a vehicle and it’s pretty easy to appreciate as it’s measurable out on the track.
This time, however, we take a look at another aspect that is just as important as the first two, sometimes. Heck, some might even consider it to be the most important as thousands upon thousands of dollars are spent on the way that a vehicle sounds. It might seem kind of silly to those who don’t get it but if you do understand, you know that getting just the right note out of your exhaust whether it be a deep grumble or a choppy cam sound can really make or break an automobile, bringing you joy when you turn that key and hear the ponies under the hood rev up and get ready to roll.
If you follow along in the video below, you can check out the Chevy truck that might just have nastiest idle on the block. When thing starts up and starts spitting out that cammed out sound, it’s game over! After listening to this thing roar to life, be sure to tell us if this Chevy pickup truck has what it takes to make its way straight to that soft spot in your heart.


Entire Engine Block Explodes in What’s Quite Possibly The Most Violent Dyno Session Ever

When it comes time to really turn up the power, things can get incredibly volatile. When you start adding all sorts of go-fast parts to the mix, all of those different moving elements cooperating with one another doesn’t always go exactly how you would plan for it to go. Should one thing fall out of line, you might just find that your entire build ends up going awry, making things break that you didn’t even know could possibly fold in the way they do. It’s just a part of going fast and sometimes, these failures are worse than others but this time, we check out what might possibly be one of the most violent and catastrophic failures we have ever seen.
This time, we head to the dyno room, watching and engine dyno pull that goes incredibly wrong. Apparently, this diesel power plant turned up the boost a little bit too much as it was really pushing the limits on the parts onboard which would call for catastrophe as the engine would explode in cinematic fashion. This it wasn’t just any old explosion, though, as parts of the engine went flying in every which direction when the block itself exploded into multiple pieces, making everybody on the scene happy that they were behind a protective piece of glass when it all went down.
If you follow along with the video below, you’ll be able see the massive explosion for yourself that left the rotating assembly still sitting in the same place and moving while everything else practically obliterated! Every once a while you do see catastrophe unfold on the engine dyno but this time, it might just have been more intense than any other that we have seen before. After you check out this video for yourself, be sure tell us what you think of this eruption that has taken the web by storm.


Sunken Ship Pulled From The Bottom Of The Ocean Loaded With Over 1,400 Cars Still Intact

After the MV Baltic Ace collided with a container ship in 2012 on its way from Belgium to Finland, in just 15 minutes the world lost 11 sailors, 1,417 Mitsubishis and an almost brand new ship—only to end up with the additional problem of cleaning up the seabed without spilling too much oil into the North Sea.
The Baltic Ace was laid down in 2007 in Poland, only to meet sudden death five years later in one of the world’s busiest shipping lanes off the Dutch coast south of Rotterdam. Since it sank with 540,000 liters of oil onboard, despite being insured only for about $55 million, $73 million had to be spent on the salvage operation.
The Dutch companies Boskalis and Mammoet Salvage could only work from March to October every year due to the weather, starting the actual cleanup in May 2014. The team ended up cutting the wreck into eight pieces after investigating the hull, removing 13,000 tonnes of metal and most of the fuel while battling the waves. They finished two months before schedule in October, 2015.

Check out this video from SMIT Salvage below to see how it went:


This Chopped and Bagged Twin Turbo Diesel 89 Chevy Truck is SICK!

Every once in a while, you come across that car or truck that makes everyone around stop and stare, admiring all of the time and effort that the person or people behind it invested to make it grow to this sort of show-stopping machine that it has managed to become. This time, I think that we might have come across just that machine in an insane custom 1989 Chevrolet half ton pickup truck that is fitted with something pretty insane under the hood and a whole slew of other custom parts all around to really bring the picture together.
It looks like the guy behind this thing really had a specific vision in mind and definitely carried it out as he stuffed a 453 Detroit Diesel under the hood to crank out some major juice as it’s aided by a custom twin turbo set up and 20-speed Quadruplex transmission to get all of that power in motion. It might be a heavy old pickup truck, but I bet that the 900 ft-lb of torque really makes this thing feel somewhat nimble on its feet as whoever happens to be behind the wheel at the time mashes the throttle and really lets the boost flow!
Check out the video below as coal is rolled through this sweet setup that has a lot in store for you to look at. There are tons of small things that you need to pay close attention to in order to truly appreciate and a couple of big things that will really pop out at you like the pair of freighter horns stuffed in the back that are capable of making a ton of noise! After watching this one, be sure to tell us which of these details you find to be the most interesting on this truck that really manages to provide a lot of POP!