Worlds Fastest Ford Based Motor Ever! 5.84 @ 254! Street Car Super Nationals

While your dad would have you believe the glory days of hot rodding died in the late 70’s, it’s pretty evident that 2017 is the golden era of performance. If you look around, there are more high-horsepower cars being built now by more manufacturers than ever before, and with today’s technology, they’re able to build cars that crank out massive power while maintaining perfect manners and decent fuel economy, something the carbureted dinosaurs of the 60’s and 70’s could never claim.
While I wouldn’t date diss the vintage rides that paved the way for today’s cars, especially since most all of them have adopted visual cues from the very cars that stared the horsepower wars decades ago, you can’t deny the current supply of horsepower rolling off the assembly line is pretty badass. Plus it’s fostered a new battle for supremacy among both manufacturers and their loyal fan bases, each of whom flies the banner of their chosen brand as if it were their very own coat of arms.
One of the most intense battles is between GM’s “LS engine” camp and Ford’s “Coyote” fans, with both engines being used for swaps and in race cars coast to coast daily. While the LS may be more popular as far as swaps because it’s a bit smaller and lighter, the Coyote has an undeniable appeal, especially to those who bleed Ford Blue.
The guys at Modular Mustang Racing have built their GenX Coyote to the absolute max and dropped it between the framerails of a gorgeous Mustang pro mod and used that lethal combo to lay down a new Modular Motor world record. With MMR’s own Mark Luton behind the wheel, MMR’s silver ‘Stand clicked off a 5.84 elapsed time at over 254 MPH at last weekends Street Car Super Nationals in Las Vegas, and our friend Hans from Free Life Films was there to capture the record-breaking performance.
“The MMR GenX Coyote engine continues to push the boundaries of the Ford DOHC engine and show that this engine will continue to change the face of Ford drag racing,” says MMR of their powerplant. With the pride of the Blue Oval faithful riding on their performance, we know MMR will continue to push the Coyote quicker and faster, and that will ratchet up the pressure on the LS guys to follow suit, and the cycle will continue, with all of us being winners in this war!


Which Engine Self-Destructs First? Lucas or STP?

We’ve watched this YouTube channel for quite some time now and shared a few videos from Project Farm. For those who don’t know, this guy does all kinda of videos about small engines and how they work and what kinds of products affect them and how you can stretch the lifespan of your small engines.
In this video, the goal is total destruction, but in the name of science… and a little entertainment. Our host picks up two brand new engines and brings them home with no other goal in mind than to run them until they die, literally. The experimental part is that the engines will be broken in properly, then treated with an oil additive – Lucas Oil in one and STP in the other – then drained of their oil completely and ran until they fail. What we learn here is which of these additives offers the most protection in the most extreme situation an engine like this should never be exposed to: running with no oil in the crank case.
After breaking in the engines as instructed by the manufacturer, our host fills the engine with oil, plus the suggested amount of each treatment, then runs each engine for three hours to properly treat all of the internal parts with the additives.
The oil is drained, the low oil shutoff switches are disabled, and the engines are fired back up. Not surprisingly, both engines crank and run just fine for a while because most any engine will run without oil… for a while.
With timers setup on each, we see that the STP-treated engine breathes its last breath after running for twelve and a half minutes, while the engine treated with Lucas survives just under 22 minutes before expiring. I’ll be honest, I expected both of them to last a little longer than that, even without oil, just based on the promises from both additives, but an engine running for any appreciable amount of time with no oil is pretty impressive.


Tesla Owner Thought His Car Was Faster Than a Supercharged Huracan!

If there’s one group of cars that has really done a good job of impressing us lately, I would have to say that it’s definitely the Tesla nameplate that has snuck up and really given other brands a run for their money. Sure, originally, the idea might have been to get the best economical ride possible but somewhere along the way, these cars have evolved into much more than that, not only offering up unlimited fuel economy as they run completely on electric but also, bringing some top-notch performance to the racing scene, really taking people off guard as they blast their way to the front of the pack.
In this one, we take a long ride with Vehicle Virgins as they meet up with the owner of a Tesla Model X, getting together to talk a little bit about the recent revelations of Tesla and what they will soon be bringing to the market along with doing a little bit of comparison between the electric SUV and none other than a supercharged Lamborghini Huracan. It certainly makes for an interesting conversation and also a race that is equally as interesting if not more so. It’s pretty wild to watch as a vehicle like an electric SUV is even in the conversation with the Huracan, let alone a supercharged one!
Follow along with the video below as we get the rundown on what Tesla has been up to recently, outlining several of the recent accomplishments and releases that promised to make this company even bigger in 2018. After chasing along with this race, be sure to tell us what you think of this match up that put two unlikely competitors next one another and ended up with some interesting results, to say the least. It’ll be interesting to see how Tesla’s new roadster ends up panning out when it ends up in racing situations like this!


The McLaren 720S Is Now Officially A Hypercar Killer

We’ve been showering the McLaren 720S with praise lately, and rightly so. McLaren’s latest Super Series took everyone by surprise since this is a supercar that can keep up with some of the world’s fastest and considerably more expensive hypercars. But now it’s official: the McLaren 720S is faster than the hypercar holy trinity at the quarter mile. Last month, the McLaren 720S set an impressive quarter mile time of 9.9 seconds, but in better conditions it could have potentially posted an even faster time.

To try and beat that, one owner took their stock McLaren 720S to the ATCO Raceway in New Jersey where it set a quarter mile time of 9.7 seconds at over 147 mph. And if you were in any doubt, the 720S did three separate runs, each resulting in the same time. The first run was completed in 9.799 seconds at 146.50 mph.

The second run recorded a time of 9.788 seconds at 147.28 mph, while the third run was the fastest: 9.733 seconds at 146.72 mph. To put that into context, that’s faster than the Porsche 918 Spyder, Ferrari LaFerrari and the McLaren P1, which all conquered the quarter mile in 9.8 seconds. You probably don’t need us to remind you that the 720S costs a fraction of those million-dollar hypercars, with prices starting at $280,000. According to Dragtimes, the owner left their 720S completely stock, although a set of tire heaters were used to keep the tires warm during the record-breaking runs. They also used the front trunk to store a generator and two jacks among other equipment.

The only car that’s beaten the McLaren 720S at the quarter mile is the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon, which currently holds the quarter mile world record with a time of 9.65 seconds at 140 mph. Now that’s a duel we’d like to see happen soon.


Man Transforms ‘Back To The Future’ Cars Into Bizarre Creations

We often associate the DeLorean car to the iconic 1980s movie “Back To The Future” but the guy in this video is taking it in an all new level by transforming the DeLorean cars into something more fascinating and probably way far beyond expectations.
Rich Weissensel, a software engineer, is fanatic about the two-door sports car and he used his skills and creativity to transform his DeLorean cars to bizarre creations which includes a DeLorean Limousine, DeLorean Monster truck, a Hovercraft DeLorean, a convertible and a whole lot more! Check out his DeLorean masterpiece below.


Kids Sneak Into an Abandoned NASCAR Track And Go Exploring… The Footage is Badass

I’m not exactly sure how legal some of this stuff is and we don’t want to condone anything that’s against the law, but there’s just something that’s so intriguing about exploring that which has been left behind to rot but was once teaming with business and life!
When taken along on a road trip, the first stop on the agenda is to check out a hotel after eating some lunch, heading into a structure that looks like it hasn’t seen any occupants for years upon years and this is just everything that you would expect in a hotel left for dead, destroyed in the wake of whoever was in there last and went to town with demolition, ripping the structure apart. It’s actually kind of creepy as they make their way from room to room with all of the shattered remains of what was once a functioning hotel.
From there, the guys decide that it’s time to continue on with the road trip and get to the abandoned NASCAR track that they set out to see. It’s kind of crazy how some of the structures are simply left behind and nobody has purchased them or maintained them.
It looks like they were functioning one day and the next, they decided to call it quits and simply left everything behind for nature to have its course with. It’s pretty interesting to get a look at the NASCAR track that was once probably packed with powerful racing machines and fans cheering as well as they witnessed drivers jocking for position around the turns and in the straightaways.
Check out the video down below that will take you along for a ride that gives you an inside look at some structures that have definitely seen better days. After being able to go inside of these abandoned places for yourself, be sure to tell us what you think of these explorations that really open up your eyes to just how quickly time can blow right by us.


Video Shows How Leaf Springs Are Tested and it Puts Us on Edge with Anxiety

At one point or another, every last component on your car or truck has been torture tested to make sure that it can handle the duty that it has been designed to carry out. Whether it be a suspension component, engine internal, or even a piece of your interior, these parts go through a rigorous test in order to make sure that they are the best they can be. Now, as you can imagine, some parts get a little bit more abuse while being tested than others and suspension components might get a little bit more brutal when put through their paces as compared to say your seats and this time, we get to see just what the torture testing entails.
In this one, we get to take a close-up look at the machine that tests out leaf springs to make sure that the spring is going to do its job of maintaining your vehicle’s ride over the duration of its entire life, supporting an incredible amount of weight and making driving a little bit more pleasurable for everybody on board. Tests like these really allow companies to not only make sure that their design is durable for the application and but also improve their designs that make them even better in the future. However, this particular event really had us on edge and maybe even for a good reason!
In this one, we can follow along as pressure is applied to and relieved from the spring as it is bent back and forth, flexing to give the operators all kinds of different data as to decide where to improve upon their design. When you’re given the chance to watch how it all happens from several feet away, something just feels like the spring is going to pop out and go for a wild ride or fail under pressure, sending parts everywhere. I’m not sure if that fear is exactly rational but we get the feeling that if you watch this video, you might just feel the same.


This Boosted Rotary Powered Dragster Sounds Like a Monster Waiting To Be Unleashed

In the world of racing, power comes from as many sources as you could possibly imagine. While some may prefer more displacement, others would choose more boost. Sometimes, those boost freaks can choose to not even go with pistons at all! There are all kinds of different combos to choose from but this time, of course, we check out a rotary powered dragster. As we know, rotary power can get a little bit intense out there as these things really pack a punch from time to time. In addition, it can really be a symphony for the years as these things really crank up and sing their lungs out.
This time, it’s definitely something that you’re going to want to turn your speakers up to listen to because this thing has such a unique exhaust note that you can’t help but be interested in what it has to offer. Sure, it might just be a machine that isn’t in motion but, just by listening in, you really get the sense that this thing really cranks out there come race day. If you have ever seen a screaming rotary pack a hard hit off of the starting line, you probably know what we’re talking about. In addition, this thing probably throws less weight into the equation than many other rotary machines that you have seen, therefore making for some interesting factors.
After you press that play button, be sure to listen in as this dragster takes a deep breath and starts to sing aloud. After an idle clip like this that shows up the unique sound, we can’t help but want to see this thing in action. I’m sure that the turbocharged rotary machine really has a lot to offer when it’s operating at full effort. After checking out this machine, be sure to tell us what you think of the ride is set up and how you think it will do come race day.


Ken Block Ride-Along Days… AKA Scaring Passenger Days!

Ken Block can drive. We know it, and unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know it. How on earth anybody would get in the car with him and not know what’s coming makes no sense, but maybe news doesn’t travel quite as fast to South Africa, where Ken was in town for a Gymkhana Grid event in Johannesburg. Block, the man behind the wheel in all of the internet-breaking Gymkhana videos, strapped in behind the wheel of his trusty Ford Fiesta RX43 and took a few lucky fans for the ride of their lives.
We aren’t sure if these fans won some kind of promotion or if they were just randomly selected from the crowd, but a couple of them looked like they felt more like they lost a bet by the time the ride was over. Of course there is always that one guy in every crowd who just doesn’t know how to have a good time, but the rest of the ride-along victi, I mean participants looked like they were having a blast, including a couple of young ladies wearing conveniently-revealing tops!
To be honest, Ken took it really easy on this bunch, as there are no jumps or perfectly-timed-or-you-die near misses with other vehicles, although the Fiesta is a pretty gnarly little ride that Ken is very familiar with, meaning he has almost telepathic control over the car at all times, and can make it do exactly what he wants it to. For Ken, this is just another day at the office, but for those strapped into the passenger seat, you can tell it’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience that they will never forget.
Go ahead and hit the play button and watch Ken put the Focus to work scaring the crap out of his passengers while pulling some incredibly precise donuts and power slides, all the while making it look perfectly effortless, like he’s out for a Sunday drive.


Vintage 1973 Ford Cat Diesel looks and sounds like an absolute beast

Even the most die-hard Chevy fan is stopping to look at this badass 1973 Ford F250 powered by a 3208 Cat Diesel engine.
It’s a pretty unique gem that’s in fantastic shape after spending 44 years on the road.
Take a closer look in the video below. Don’t forget to turn up the volume!

World’s First Laser Remover of Dirt and Oil from an Engine Block

If you’ve ever wrenched around under the hood of a car that has seen lots of road use, you can testify to the fact that sometimes, things can tend to get a little bit gross down there with lots of mileage. With all of the grease and build up that you see on the outside and inside of the block alike, it can really take a lot of time and patience to clean everything up, making sure that you make your work nice and presentable. However, as we move on in and people come out with more and more methods to do all kinds of jobs, cleaning up is one of those jobs that might just be be getting a little bit easier as time goes on.
Instead of taking on the job by using lots of elbow grease and the right tools or even a chemical that does really good job of eating through the dirt, this time, we take a look at somebody who decides to clean up the engine block by using none other than a laser. That’s right, in order to clean up the base of the power for this vehicle, this individual got to cleaning up their block with the use of some futuristic technology that I don’t think too many of us ever thought that we would see within our lifetimes. Watching it is nothing short of amazing as we all get to see how this laser really breaks out the muscles and breaks down that dirt down like it’s absolutely nothing.
Follow along in the video down below that will take you through the process that brings out these new and unique tools and put them to the test, showing you what the future of parts washers might just look like. Before long, we aren’t going to have to invest any type of physical labor into working on our vehicles at all if things keep improving at this rate! After following along with this little demonstration, be sure to tell us how ready you are to work with something like this laser when it comes to cleaning up your ride.


Train Horn Prank Gone Wrong – Mans Truck Gets Ruined!

The train horn prank is one of the oldest in the book. Personally, we think it’s funny, but some people just can’t help but get angry for whatever reason.
When this guy went around to film a series of train horn pranks, one Taco Bell employee took it way too seriously and completely flipped out!
Instead of handling herself like an adult, she decided that throwing the man’s drink at him and having it explode all over his truck would be the better alternative.
Check out the video below to watch it all go down. Personally, we’re not sure about you, but we would be talking to a manager about this one. Do you think that the drive-thru worker was right to throw the drink?