2 Year Old Girl Rides Her Own Bike To Daycare

Like father, Like daughter…. This is Leia, a two and a half year old Swedish girl riding a custom mini bike to her daycare center 🙂


This Is The Baddest Lincoln Continental In The World! I’d Love To Cruise Around Town All Night In It!


This Baddass Lincoln was presented at the Street Car Takeover Houston at the car show at Royal Purple Raceway. This 1964 Lincoln Continental has large wheels, red interior, low profile tires, suicide doors. This is the baddest hot rod ever. Check out the video here to see this really amazing Lincoln Continental. Please, share this video with your friends and share your opinion with us about this great car.

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Badass 1951 Ford Mercury With An Air Suspension


We are sure that you will want this car. Today we will present you a 1951 Ford Mercury, which is cruising the streets of Brazil and it has an air suspension.
The driver of the car is moving slowly so that the spectators can snap photos. After all, you can’t see cars like this one every day in your town. Enjoy watching the video and this sweet classic that is over 60 years old and that front air suspension makes this amazing car unique. Enjoy the video!

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1969 Chevy Camaro with twin 427 V-8 engines at SEMA



Can you imagine a muscle car equipped with two amazing engines? Well, today we will present you a 1969 Chevrolet Camaro that has two 427s under the hood. The car was presented at SEMA 2013. Each one of these engines is delivering a 600 horsepower. Each engine has a Forged JE Pistons, Collies Crankshaft, Special Grind Comp Cam, Custom Fluidamp Balancers and precision put together with ARP bolts. The rear engine has a Level VII RPM Transmissions 4L60E automatic that is controlled by a B&M Shifter and connected to a modified Corvette C6/Z06 Differential/Rear suspension. Check out the video by Scottie and share your opinion about this old Camaro with two engines.




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The Great Mystery Of The Traub Bike

One plumber in 1957, while renovating an apartment building outside Chicago, tore down a wall of bricks and found a one-of-a-kind bike bearing 1917 plates, named the “Traub”. The elderly owner of the building confirmed that his son had stolen this bike before going off to World War I, never to return. But it is still unknown who made this bike and where it came from.
Now the bike is in the Wheels Through Time Museum, located in Maggie Valley in North Carolina and it is considered not just to be the rarest bike in the collection, but also in the world.
The Traub motorcycle was sold to Torillo Tacchi, who is a bicycle shop owner from Chicago after its finding who later sold it to Bud Ekins, who is popular as Steve McQuenn’s stuntman, while Bud Ekins was on the set of the Blues Brothers movie in the 1970s. Later, the Traub was sold to one restorer and collector – Richard Morris, who later sold it in 1990 to Dale Walksler, the Wheels Through Time Museum curator, it has been placed permanently on a display in the collection of the museum ever since.
Don’t think this unique bike is only a museum piece though. Walksler rides the bike fairly regularly. About the engine components, he said that everything that is inside this engine is just magnificent. The pistons are hand-built, and have a gap-less cast iron rings, the machining and engineering being simply many years ahead of their time.

Walksler said that if we compare it with the other top motorcycle models and makes of the era, the Traub bike has no equal. Hand-built, comprised of a sand-cast, 80 cubic inch side valve engine, it is able to reach a speed in excess of 85 miles-per-hour with ease.
Apart from its few off-the-shelf parts, the Traub has so many unique hand-made features. The 3 speed transmission probably is one of the first of that kind and the rear brake, a dual acting system that engages a single cam that is in charge of pushing an internal set of shoes, while also pulling an external set, has never been spotted on any other motorcycle in America.
Walksler said that for a machine to have advanced features like that, unparalleled by the other bikes of the same era, is really outstanding. He thinks that the Traub was an attempt at a completely new breed of motorcycle. But how it could be possible a machine like that to have been produced in such amazing form, with features and capabilities that far exceed that of any other similar machine, without the knowledge of the others in the motorcycle industry at that time.
The chase for the Traub’s elusive origin hasn’t stopped yet. Walksler said that while they may never know why this bike was placed behind the wall, they do hope that one day they will find more information about the genius that created it and its history.





Porsche 918 Spyder trying to catch a Koenigsegg Agera R on the German Autobahn


If you are going 218 MPH in the United States on a public road, you would have you thrown right in jail in just a second. But, on some parts of the German Autobahn, the only thing that limits the speed is the car you are driving.
Here we have a video of a high speed run on the German Autobahn, where the main participants are a Koenigsegg Agera R and a Porsche 918 Spyder. Here you can see that the speedometer of the Porsche is reaching up to 350 km/h or 217.48 MPH, as it tries to catch the Swedish hypercar.
The Porsche 918 Spyder produces 887 HP and 944 lb-ft of torque. The top speed of the car, according to Porsche, is 214 MPH and it can run from 0 to 60 MPH in just 2.5 seconds. The Koenigsegg Agera R produces 1,140 HP and 885 lb-ft of torque. The theoretical top speed of the car is 273 MPH and it can run from 0 to 60 in 2.8 seconds. Check out the video.

Note: Attempting to reach speeds this high is a dangerous endeavor, and do not attempt to recreate anything seen in the video above. Be safe, and be smart.

Hell Roads – Tail Of The Dragon

Tail Of The Dragon

This road is number one sports car and motorcycle road with 318 curves in just 11 miles. Deals Gap is also known as the Tail of the Dragon. It is a portion of the United States Route 129 in Blount County, Tennessee, located in a gap in Swan County, North Carolina. It is publicized as one of the most scenic drives in the United States.
Tail Of The Dragon is still an adrenaline-pumping journey. With hundreds of blind curves, high degrees of camber, and long blind crests, this claustrophobic forest road shows as many chances to leave the pavement both longitudinally and laterally, and will give a challenge for even the most seasoned sim veterans. It is said that the 11 mile stretch of the Dragon in Tennessee has 318 curves. Some of the sharpest curves on the road have names like Hog Pen Bend, Copperhead Corner, Shade Tree Corner, Wheelie Hell, Gravity Cavity, Sunset Corner, Mud Corner, Brake or Bust Bend and Beginner’s End. This road gets its name from the curves that look like a dragon’s tail.

This road is absolutely breathtaking and it has an awesome reputation. It manly travels through forested area and there are a few pull-off points and scenic overlooks along the route. Earlier in 1992 the speed limit in both North Carolina and Tennessee was 55 MPH. Then in 1993 the speed limit on the side of Tennessee was lowered to 40 MPH, while in 2002 to 30 MPH, which today is still in effect. In early 2005, the North Carolina side of the road was lowered to 30 MPH. Also, the presence of law enforcement on the Tennessee side has greatly increased. The Dragon road used to be a famous shortcut for truckers when the I-40 was blocked by the landslide. After so many incidents and accidents involving semi-tractors, the authorities decided to restrict big commercial vehicles from using this road a few years ago.

Truck- Tail of the Dragon

The weather in this area is harsh and very unpredictable and it takes just a short amount of time for the bright sunshine to change over to moderate or heavy snowfall. Also, in the summer the weather on this road is fairly predictable. The winter months starting from November to March can be really impossible to predict. The road is isolated and in the winter months can be a real adventure, having to deal with turkeys, bears, boars and deer in the road, ice/snow, trees down, and tractor-trailers taking-up the whole road in the curves. So, if you are looking for an excitement, don’t miss this road.
It has a deserved reputation for being really dangerous because of the unpredictable blizzards and snowstorms, and it is really challenging to drive under these conditions. In the winter, there are many ridable days, but they are not predictable. The higher elevation of the Blue Ridge Parkway and Cherohala in May can experience snow. Also, many afternoons in summer can bring widely scattered rain showers. The web weather and the weather stations will often indicate rain for the whole area.
The main risk on this curvy, mountainous road is coming around a sightless corner and discover some vehicle that comes toward you. The cars can go through the Dragon most of the year, and the winter is the great time to have this road to yourself. At times this road is dusted with sand/salt, but that is happening only when a severe storm is coming. After the next good rain it is usually gone. One very big advantage of winter on this road is the ability to see through most of the corners because the trees have dropped down their leaves. The good visibility lasts from November to March. One downside is that the sun is lower and can get in the eyes. Also, the shadows make for reduced visibility.



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Riders Find Out That This Marine’s Remains Were Coming Home And They Stepped Up In A Decent Way

Staff Sergeant Jonathan Turner served 7 tours in Afghanistan and Iraq and he died recently from combat-connected injuries in California.
Jonathan’s mother was not able to make the trip for the funeral from Georgia to California and the Marine Corps decided to handle all of the funeral arrangements – including the shipping Staff Sergeant ashes back at home.
That didn’t sit well with the Patriot Guard bikers, so they decided to create a caravan and personally to escort the remains of SSgt Turner all the way across the country.
Asha Lamy said that he got on the road on Friday at 6 o’clock night out of Huntsville, Alabama, and he rode over to Oklahoma. He need the family to know that they are not alone and that they care.
Each time when Turner’s remains were turned over to another group of bikers, they hold a ceremony to pay their respects.
David Noble, Oklahoma Patriot Guard Riders Capt. Said that they did this basically because his mother was not able to attend the services, so the fallen warrior had been cremated and they didn’t want him to come home packed in a FedEx box.
According to the Patriot Guard website, Turner was an amazing leader who inspired his friends Marines, both in daily life and in the Corps. If you know him, for 5 minutes or 5 years, you were his friend. That man would give you the shirt off his back.



Do you think that Rough Crafts is one of the top custom Harley builders in the world? Here we have the new Dyna that proves that fact.
‘Urban Cavalry’ is not a typical Harley build. It is an official commission, a gift to the custom scene from the people at Harley-Davidson Taiwan. They gave Rough Crafts’ WinsonYeh the freedom to chase his own direction, and he picks performance.
Harley Davidson’ and ‘Performance’ are words that you can’t find in the same sentence. This machine is based on a 2014-spec Dyna Street Bob and it shows what is possible. Yeh said that the Dyna platform has a great balance between the bike size and engine power, and that out of all the present Harley model families, it has also got the greatest potential for good handling.
Yeh has fitted a new front end to ramp up the dynamics, with upside-down Kawasaki sportbike forks provided by Satya Kraus. Yeh says that Satya has been a good friend for many years and he has always loved the Dynamoto Front End kit together with Ohlins forks. They have placed a shorter custom version of the kit in order to improve the stance, and at the back there are blacked-out Ohlins shocks. He also installed a BDL open belt drive and an aluminum swingram from Roaring Toyz, both of which should reduce the weight.

The brake system of the bike is an equally high end. Those dark metal composite rotors were custom built by the United States firm Lyndall Racing Brakes, and they are hooked up to 6 piston calipers from the exotic Swedish brand ISR. Brake fade will never be a problem.
The stock Dyna bike has a surfeit of torque, so the upgrades on the Powertrain are restricted to the engine breathing. The 1689 cc or 103 ci motor gets a boost from the S&S ‘Super G’ Carburetion, and also a quite fantastic exhaust system. It’s from Dog House Racing, the premium titanium exhaust fabricator in Taiwan.
Yeh says that he had known Dog House for many years and he always wanted to work with him. He says that it’s just that blacked-out, vintage style motorcycles that haven’t been a good for that titanium rainbow effect that he creates. But for his performance-driven motorcycle now was the perfect time to produce a full titanium system. So they sat down together to talk and came up with a design that is very similar to the classic Bomber 2 into 1 pipe from Rough Crafts.
This bike is the best example of the wonderful Rough Crafts ‘look’. With a superbike-inspired tail unit and a narrow custom tank, there is a distinct air of vintage sci-fi. This bike is the type of bike that you could imagine racing through the streets in the movie Blade Runner.
The finish is almost completely monochrome together with black anodized hard parts offset by gloss grey paint from Air Runner. Also the Arlen Ness Beveled Wheels 17” at the back and 18” at the front are completely blacked out. The only glimpses of color on the bike are the fork tubes, the titanium exhaust pipework, and very small brass highlights on the pushrod collars designed by 2 Abnormal Sides.







Unique 1968 Dodge Charger in Mann’s 4AM Music Video

Unique 1968 Dodge Charger in Mann’s 4AM Music Video
The following video is by ENGINEERED IMPERFECTIONS (EIINC) and TJR Films. We can see a helicopter footage by the people at EIINC built and designed this 1968 Dodge Charger which was taken on-site at the video shot for the Mann’s song “4AM” on the open road in the desert. EIINC designs the most unique and outrageous muscle cars without duplicated style. Watch the following video to see their amazing creation. Share this video with your friends. Enjoy watching.

Dodge recalls 67k Dodge Rams, Dakota Models because clutch problem

Dodge recalls 67k Dodge Rams, Dakota Models because clutch problem

Chrysler is recalling almost 67,000 pickup trucks because of clutch problem that could allow the vehicle to be started without the clutch being depressed. According to Chrysler, one death was connected with this problem.
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration or NHTSA had opened an investigation into the trucks after receiving a report that one child started a 2006 Dodge Ram 3500 pickup truck without using the clutch. Then, the truck moved forward and killed another child, according to the safety agency.
The company claimed that a wire in the clutch ignition interlock switch could break in those trucks with manual transmission. That could keep the vehicle from starting, or if the drivers don’t stick the recommended starting procedures, the vehicle could move in the time when the ignition key is turned.
Those vehicles that have manual transmission are required to have interlock mechanisms in order to stop the engine from being started unless the clutch is depressed.

The most Evil Twins 1957 Chevys delivering a combined 6,000 HP

Father and son are rolling in two of the most amazing 1957 Chevys in the world.
These two cars are identical from the motor setup to the color scheme. Both Chevys have a 692 cubic inch motor with twin 88 mm turbos. They use a Gear Vendors Overdrive and push the power through a Rossler 210 Transmission. But, there are a few differences. The Jeff’s Car Evil Twin is around 800 pounds lighter than The Beast, and delivers a little bit more power. Jeff, together with his son drove the Chevys for 5 days and over 1,000 miles in order to compete in the Drag Week 2014. Jeff Lutz took down the competition with his Chevy and he was crowned the champion with a speed of 6.84 seconds at 212 MPH, while Jeff Lutz Junior at 8.27 seconds at 166 MPH. Check out the video!

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