Paintwork Is Simply Mesmerizing In This 1936 Ford Pickup Lowrider

It’s definitely acceptable if you are no fan of lowriders but to not appreciate this Ford lowrider featured below would be truly inhumane. With so much details and creativity in its paintwork, you are about to witness nothing but pure artistry in this old school 1936 Ford Pickup lowrider.

The hardwork and imagination just to complete the paint for this truck is totally unreal. Looking at it makes you think of the hours, days and weeks spent just to come up with such cool and badass paint design. You could almost stare at it for hours and still not cover everything that needs to be seen.

It’s basically red with a lot of stripes in flat and glittered orange and yellow going on. Superb finish and the airbrush work is phenomenal. Perfectly restored and sports several body mods but it’s the paint that’s so popping in this build.

The airbrush work isn’t only for the body as its interior has as much details too. Nice ambiance in red and the seats create a very stately feeling.

Words cannot simply summarize everything so better check it out for yourself too!