Porsche Cayenne Pushes Smart Into Canal


At first glance, the footage appears to depict a race, between a Porsche Cayenne and a speedboat, that turns out horribly wrong – the kind of dash we’re used to seeing from three particular middle-aged men.

If it’s something we’ve learned from movies is that nothing good can come out of a wild car chase through some narrow streets. Especially if a canal and a boat are nearby, and one of the cars is a two-ton SUV. Good thing this recording actually happened on a movie set, and no one was harmed. Well, except the Smart, and the Porsche.

So, is it staged? Of course it is, albeit the part where the Cayenne smashes into the wooden stairs might just be a blooper. But don’t worry, we’re sure the producers will edit that part out in the final cut.

Still, it’s good to see that not everything in the movie industry is CGI, and there are some filmmakers keeping it “old school”. Unfortunately, we don’t know the name of the film, but according to the person recording the video, the action will take place in London, Amsterdam, and Sofia.