Porsche Crashes into Crowd of People Sending 11 to the Hospital

It happens so often that it’s sort of become a running joke, but sometimes we are reminded just how quickly situations like this can become painfully real and scary. By this point, most of us have seen the videos; a car leaving a show or other event kicking the tires loose and heading directly for a crowd of onlookers. The bystanders scatter, though not everybody is always able to get out of the way. We don’t intend to make light of the situation, it just happens so often these days that we’ve become numb to it.
However, this footage is a little more sobering in that it captures not only the moment the car loses control and enters the crowd, but the intense first few seconds of panic among those standing alongside the road when the incident occurred.
When the clip starts, the car is already sideways and headed toward the crowd, but we can still figure out what happened to reach that point. It seems the car, a drop top Porsche, was pulling out onto the road when the driver decides to entertain the spectators with a little display of power. That’s not usually a big deal, you just mat the gas and try to keep the nose pointed down the street. However, whether it be driver error or road conditions or just flat out bad luck, things don’t always go according to plan. Where the video picks up, it appears the driver has already lifted and is on the brakes, but once the car is sideways, the brakes are of little help. The car slides nose first into the curb and up onto the sidewalk, continuing to spin as the crowd scatters in all directions. However, several of the onlookers were unable to clear out quickly enough, leaving nearly a dozen people to need to visit the hospital.

We don’t know any of their conditions or the extent of their injuries, but we certainly wish them all full and speedy recoveries. We’ve said it before, folks. Be safe out there, and use your head when it comes to things like this. As you can see, there’s a lot more at stake here than a little ego boost from a cheering crowd.