Quickest Nitrous Car in the World Is a Monster Camaro from Qatar!

With nitrous arguably being the easiest to install of the three major power adders (we’ll also include turbocharging and supercharging here), many people take this path for granted, omitting the fact that badass setups out there can get wild beyond imagination.

We’re here to blow that preconception and we’re attempting to achieve that with the help of the world’ quickest nitrous car. While US metal is involved in this game, the racecar comes from a land that’s extremely far from America, namely Qatar.

We’re talking about the country’s Al Anabi Performance shop, which runs the record-setting contraption. The vehicle in question is a fifth-generation Chevrolet Camaro, but since we’re talking about a piece of Promod metal, things have gone way beyond what General Motors engineers intended for the street vehicle.

The heart of this Camaro is a 903 ci vee eight, with the Big Block using no less than four stages of nitrous. As a result, the muscle sits somewhere in the 2,700-2,800 hp area.

The Camaro was recently put through its paces at the Qatar Racing Club drag strip. The machine went for a quarter mile adventure, with its best run showing a 5.75s pass at 248 mph (that’s 1 km/h below the magical 400 km/h milestone for all you metric system fans).

While the time is more than respectable, we have to admit the build itself is the one that takes the cake here. And speaking of numbers, there are even quicker Promod contraptions out there, but that’s another story for another time.

Before we invite you to hit the “play” button below and enjoy the acceleration spectacle, we can’t help but wonder how many bottle owners will think about this clip the next time they get inside their rides. As you can imagine, the soundtrack of this Camaro is quite a strong incentive.