Ready For A Take Off? This INSANE Wheel-Standing BLOWN’68 CAMARO SS Will Teach You The Coolest Way!!!

camaro 9

When you are equipped with a mighty muscle car and strong engine under the hood the only thing that you miss if you want to fly with your car are the wings. Yeah, some proper installation and instant kick on the gas pedal and you will see the sky!

But it’s not always like that, take the Hellcat if you want with the amazing 707hp, you won’t lift it on the rear legs, for this purpose you need to own a drag muscle car! And which one is better, we have no doubts that all are mighty and powerful but we put the accent on the Camaro. Yeah, this green amazing wheel-standing Camaro!

1968 Camaro, but the granddaddy has new stronger heart, around 1,500hp and improved fitness skills, so the result is squats, yeah he can squat like a teenager. We are pretty sure the crowd at the Byron Dragway was impressed!

Are you ready to watch the biggest wheelie that will blow your mind and left you speechless? In the middle of the race the car is jumping like a crazy so you will see how your adrenaline will raise like crazy!

Now play the video bellow and enjoy watching this 1968 Chevrolet Camaro Killer Dragster!