Is your vehicle worthless and ready to jump directly in the junkyard? Yeah, it’s kind of the metaphor this jump but our redneck friend Dave found the way to remove the metaphor and literally jump into the junkyard with his Chevrolet Lumina.

The Lumina is one of those vehicles which actually never dies, that 3.1-liter V6 engine with his 175 horsepower can serve you for ages, but you’ll get old before the car, it doesn’t make sense to keep the car which can live as long as you!

Yeah, maybe the vehicle holds a lot of memories within but it’s worth nothing! The best way to get rid of that scrap metal on wheels is to break it, by the way to enjoy in the process of breaking it!

For this you need to take the vehicle on the last ride and next to take on the last jump, yeah you’ll need huge and massive jump followed with hard and devastating landing on the ground.

And if you agree with us, let this video be your ultimate guide how to break and throw your old vehicle in the junkyard. Just beware, the margin for error while doing this act is so small!