Redneck Tire Mounting With Fire Goes Very Wrong


There is the vast and collective knowledge on the internet. However, there are little indications about who was the first one to try the trick like this.

But, thanks to tutorials on the internet and a very fact that this insane idea might actually work, and this mounting tire trick has been spread wide and far! Well, but, a lot of you may ask why would anyone actually do this? And why would someone mount tires this way, when we have the tire mounting machines and air tanks that can do a job perfectly?

Well, someone`s typical excuse would be that he didn`t have the air tank around. However, funny enough, we can see that the video below is being made at home, so we are not buying that excuse at all! And we are not recommending this mounting tire trick. But, just for fun, we are going to elaborate a bit on how this burning tire trick is done.

And this process consists of spraying the flammable substance between the rim and the lip of the unmounted tire. When spraying is done, it`s lighted on fire.

The explosion is caused when ignited, of course. The explosion causes the air to expand around the inside of a tire and the rim. This results in making the opening wide enough to mount the tire on the rim. In this video, luckily no one gets hurt.