Why did Scott leave Counting Cars?

Sometimes, if you watch reality television, you may begin to feel pretty close to the characters on screen. However, with the way that the shows are put together, lots of information is left out and sometimes, we don’t exactly get the whole story behind what’s going on. When Scott Jones left the team at Counting Cars, It left a lot of people in confusion, wondering why he wouldn’t continue to be featured on screen as many enjoyed what he brought to the table. While there is no official release on why exactly he’s no longer working there, there are several theories as to what went on behind the sudden departure.
While none of these theories are official and have no hard evidence behind them, these are simply what the community seems to think might have happened.

  1. The first theory goes a little something like the idea that he was fired for embezzlement. It was publicly known that Scott was heavily involved in the business’s financials and there have been rumors circling around the idea that maybe some underhanded behavior was happening behind the scenes. This would make sense with the idea that no announcements have been made. Perhaps legal issues have their hands tied.
  2. Maybe he just wanted to go home. As fans have speculated, maybe Scott simply got sick of the daily grind of not only working on cars but doing so under the gun of reality television cameras and decided that he just wanted to be done with it for a while. In a recent interview, Scott did say that he was thinking about calling it quits for a while, leaving Las Vegas, and going home to Greenville. This seems to be another likely candidate for what could’ve happened to take Scott off of the show. Don’t we all just want to quit and go home?
  3. A third. Says a little something like Scott might have begun to let his work slip. When you’re doing work in such quantities and forced to have the public eye on you at all times, things can happen mentally with the pressure that can really let your work begin the slide. Whether or not this is what happened to Scott, we can’t say for sure, but this is yet another theory that fans who loved the show have speculated about.

After watching the show, be sure to tell us what you think of the Scott Jones story and exactly why you think that he mysteriously parted ways with Counting Cars. While there is not much evidence to support the fact that there was some sort of tension between the people of Count’s Kustoms, you would think that they would have given him a proper farewell if it was all still friendly business.