Security Camera Catches Brazen Thieves Stealing Trans Am WS6

Sometimes, when we see a criminal in action, we’re led to think that if they put the amount of effort into doing something good for themselves that they do in stealing all of the hard work of people who did go out and do something good for themselves, they be in a pretty good spot in life.
However, as surely as the world turns, there are people out there looking to snatch up things that don’t belong to them and this time, we take a look at some security camera footage that catches a thief in action doing exactly that as he slips in and steals a Pontiac Trans Am WS6 in just a minute or two.
Check out the footage below that shows you how quickly an experienced criminal can drop by your house and steal your car, especially one without modern security features. The footage would never lead to an arrest from the 2013 incident but the owner claims that his insurance company was mighty generous, paying out more than he did on the car that he’d only had the pleasure of owning for two weeks.