Skilled Machine Operator Removes his Stuck CAT D6N from Muddy Creek

Sometimes, you don’t need a lot of info to tell a story! All we know about this video is that somewhere along the Crow Creek in Marshall County Illinois, this CAT operator found himself stuck. It’s easy to see how he found himself in this situation, as there are very few places you can’t go in a D6N, so one wouldn’t expect to get stuck crossing a relatively narrow creek.
However, the bottom was apparently a little deeper than expected and looks to be extremely soft mud, a combination that spelled “s-t-u-c-k” for this driver. However, knowing he’s operating one of the most capable machines on the planet gives the operator the confidence to work out a solution. Using his blade attachment as an anchor of sorts, the driver methodically works his way backwards, stepping the blade a few feet at a time while constantly churning the tracks to keep the hefty machine moving.
After a few moments, the tracks grab firmer land and bite, pulling the CAT from its mucky mess and driving right out of the creek. This operator definitely showed a lot of poise and creative thinking with his use of the blade. He definitely deserves some credit for rescuing his machine from this sticky situation!