Start ‘Em Young – Power Wheels Ford F-150 Doing Wheelies & Hill Climb

It’s not really apparent if Power Wheels modification is done more for the kid or for the gear-headed parent in the equation but in either scenario, we end up with what was designed to be a slow and safe ride for your kids that has been transformed into something different entirely!

This time, we check out the likes of a little girl who has been hooked up with a souped up Ford F-150 Power Wheels and she isn’t afraid to put it into action, climbing up and down hills and doing wheelies the entire time that she’s behind the wheel of this miniature beast.

Ride along with her journey of this little lady down in the video below that shows office youngster with some driving skills! Just imagine what kind of wheeling she’ll be doing when she has a license and is able to get her hands on a real off-road ride!