Street Outlaws Jeff Lutz Shows How Fast His NEW Build Really Is!

Drag Week legend and Street Outlaws star Jeff Lutz recently debuted his badass new 1957 Chevrolet just ahead of Drag Week 2017. He brought the car out and unveiled it a month ago at the Tri-Five Nationals at historic Beech Bend Raceway in Bowling Green, Kentucky. In the weeks since, he’s been fine-tuning the car for the upcoming week-long thrash that is Drag Week, only to have those plans get unceremoniously derailed by Hurricane Irma.
Jeff’s friend and co-pilot for the event, Floridian Scott Murray, had to deal with the monster hurricane that churned up the length of the state last week, and Lutz loyally waited on his friend to make sure everything was okay before joining the Drag Week tour. They missed the opening day, which meant they would be ineligible to win, but that didn’t mean they couldn’t show up and show out at the stops they did make it to.
The video below comes to us from Gateway Motorsports Park just outside St. Louis, where Lutz decided to take the car down for a little exhibition run, although he did elect to have the scoreboards turned off, obviously thinking ahead to 2018 and keeping his competitors in the dark.

The 57, powered by the same wicked twin turbo big block that propelled Lutz to the quickest all-time week-long average in Drag Week history, was on what looked to be a pretty stellar pass but Jeff rolled out of the throttle around the 1/8th mile mark and coasted through the finish line. He could have been a little out of the groove, or maybe he just wanted to get some data on the front half of the run, it’s hard to say based on this clip. Either way, the car looked strong down low and should be a force to be reckoned with whenever he does decide to turn the clocks on and run it out the back door.