Strict cop Forces Biker to Take a Decibel Test & Overheats Bike! WTF?!

Many of you may not be aware, but several cities actually have noise ordinance laws that limit how loud peoples cars can be! It is usually only enforced when someone is being too obnoxious on the streets and distracting their fellow drivers on the road.

However, as we all know there are those cops who like to be strict on the law and unfortunately for the rider in this video he had to come face to face with one of them after revving a little too loud on his bike.

We watch as the police officer takes out his decibel meter and places it away from the exhaust pipes to test the loudness of the bike.

The meter reads that the bike hits around 2000RPM.

However, the officer finds it impossible to get a full reading on the bike and is ultimately forced to let the biker go! However, he ends up leaving the bike on for so long it almost overheats! talk about a docuhbag! To check out this ridiculous law in action click the video below!