Tears Touching! Son Buys Mother A Car For Mother’s Day


The 25-year-old Corey Wadden from Toronto had been aware of his mother’s dream car, an old Saab, since he was young. He felt driven to give her the car after she lost her job, and had been without a ride for about a year.

Corey Wadden’s mother used to work cleaning houses for a living. At one of the houses she worked in, a guy owned a Saab 1973 99 EMS model Car. “He would throw her the keys and let her move the car and she fell in love with” says Corey.

It was a year ago that Wadden decided to buy his mom her dream car. After looking for 6 months Corey’s friend found a car that was almost the same model from a seller on eBay. It turned out; the seller also owned his mothers dream car. Corey spent the next 6 months saving money for the car and gifted his mom, her dream car. He bought it for $ 7,000 and drove the five hours each way to pick it up and bring it to her mother’s home.

The emotional scene was captured on video as Wadden said he told his mother he wanted to do one last interview with her. On the way down the steps he handed her an envelope with the keys inside. This was in honor of all the mothers out there that work their hearts out. Your children see that and will reward you dearly for everything you have done. “A mother is not a person to lean on, but a person to make leaning unnecessary.” -Dorothy Canfield Fisher.
Watch this heart touching video below of a son surprising his mother with her dream car as a gift.